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a swimming stroke that resembles the crawl except the swimmer lies on his or her back

swim on one's back

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7sec for the 110yds backstroke swimming alone, and 69.
Allen, 23, was also Norfolk Schools backstroke swimming champion when he was 14, and he has recently taken to the pool again to keep his fitness levels up.
The winner of two gold medals in backstroke swimming at the cursed Munich Games, Honochick spends the next decade trying to cash in on his fragile celebrity (his medal count overshadowed by the Spitz glitz).
Sarah Price, who has established herself as the queen of British backstroke swimming, addedthe 200m in two minutes 07.
Several sizes are available; the manufacturer recommends smaller paddles for butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke swimming, as opposed to freestyle.
For the son, Lenny Krayzelburg, 24, of Studio City, winning the gold medal in the 100-meter backstroke swimming event was ``definitely for my parents, for everything they have done for me.