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Strelitz added that he sees Chinese buyers backing away from the market a little bit, giving the domestic side an opportunity to become more active in the metal.
There is no backing away by the United States in the support for the millennium summit declaration.
And for those who had no worries about the insurance industry backing away from the issue, he added, "Now, some major insurers of lead have already applied to get out of the market.
Now it is, rightly, backing away from a 73pc increase in the amount of cash paid to councillors.
Archdeacon Jim Boyles, General Secretary of the Anglican church, said in an interview that the church is not backing away from issues of language and culture.
backing away from plans to step up aid to the southern rebels (Zenit, Oct.
Meanwhile, a government spokesman promises that Blair's government is "not backing away from the need to establish just how widespread Masonic activity is within" the police.
Backing away, "she rubbed her face, and that was it.
Backing away from business could hurt the personal-lines giant in the long run, an equity analyst cautioned.
ESPN is also the network trying to pass off dominos, darts and paintball as legit, while backing away from the NHL.
When Carlon ignored the warning and kept coming, Blake began backing away.
Legislators granted science a respite, increasing funding slightly while backing away from earlier threats to cut research.
In the newly released study, Clinical Outsourcing Sponsors Force Market Change (doc #1013), LSI examines the outsourcing preferences of a variety of surveyed pharmaceutical organizations and finds that many are backing away from end-to-end, full-service contracts with CROs (despite the positioning of large CROs), instead selecting providers based on their capabilities in distinct service and technology categories.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's dramatic plans for fiscal and political reform, backing away from earlier assertions that his proposals were virtually dead on arrival.
Pipeline's book operates without revealing bids or offers, which results in complete anonymity and protects against information leaking to the marketplace, which can result in front-running, penny jumping or backing away.