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the side of an object that is opposite its front

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By integrating the DreamFactory REST API backend with one of the market's most powerful app development platforms, we help companies of all sizes accelerate the development of rich mobile apps and reduce their development backlog," said Bill Appleton, CEO of DreamFactory.
We are interested in their focus for backend semiconductor assembly that we don't currently have: advanced packaging, fan-out wafer level packaging, CSP--that overall SMT architecture that is close in accuracy to backend IC packaging," Joe Elgindy, K&S director of investor relations and strategic planning, told Circuits Assembly.
Some of the more interesting new features in this release are the new backends.
Netflix, which has been actively using AWS for both customer-facing and backend applications for over a year, is now significantly expanding the set of applications that it is migrating from its existing technology infrastructure onto AWS.
With this year's capital expenditures for the top four IC package subcontract assembly and test operations expected to be less than half the dollar value in 2008, many backend assembly equipment makers may face hard times over the next 18 months (Figure 1).
This drive is replaced with an adapter that allows a networked connection to the storage backend.
An intuitive graphical interface allows for precision formatting and layout, while enabling connectivity to backend databases.
App developers require a cloud backend to understand user behavior, engagement and retention, for cross- and multi-platform apps and for monetization -- and MBaaS reduces hundreds of hours of server programming into a snap-in client SDK that can be up and running in your app in minutes.
Accessed via the Bluemix Developer Console, these new tools provide developers with new code patterns and building blocks which help to quickly create cloud apps across web and backend systems, along with mobile.
com)-- As a worldwide spread network dedicated to helping all kinds of different people find their soul mates, Dating Backend is eager to introduce the newest addition to its family - Interracial Romance.
Case in point, Windows NAS server front-ends can be created that utilize Linux iSCSI SANs for the backend storage.
has licensed two separate backend solutions for digital camera designs, the NW800 and NW820, to Taiwan-based ELAN Microelectronics Corp.
SAN FRANCISCO -- FatFractal, an end-to-end solution for developing applications with a cloud backend on any connected device, announced today the launch of the company and platform.
Backend tuning is primarily a ground function, tweaking the process which fuses repetition returns to form tracks and parameter estimation.
Server clusters sit on the site's front-end, grabbing dynamic data and application processing from backend database servers.