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the side of an object that is opposite its front

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SAN FRANCISCO -- FatFractal, an end-to-end solution for developing applications with a cloud backend on any connected device, announced today the launch of the company and platform.
Lo Kien Foh, Managing Director of Continental Automotive Singapore Pte Ltd, said: "Along with the Smart Nation Initiatives in Singapore the introduction of the Park&Go SG App and the Continental backend platform is an important step to make Singaporean traffic smarter, more efficient and more comfortable.
We wanted to focus our resources on game play and design, and not on building a backend from scratch," said Jordan Weisman, CEO of Harebrained Schemes.
Yet, while each quarter may be better than the last, the road to recovery for the backend equipment OEMs and material suppliers may be a bit bumpy.
This drive is replaced with an adapter that allows a networked connection to the storage backend.
An intuitive graphical interface allows for precision formatting and layout, while enabling connectivity to backend databases.
App developers require a cloud backend to understand user behavior, engagement and retention, for cross- and multi-platform apps and for monetization -- and MBaaS reduces hundreds of hours of server programming into a snap-in client SDK that can be up and running in your app in minutes.
Under the new backend and the HTML-based application SmartTV ZDFmediathek is the specific development of software and hardware infrastructure.
BaaS reduces the complexities of the application development by dealing with the complex server side programming, reducing the redundancy in creating backend code blocks, providing ready to integrate features and template backend.
Case in point, Windows NAS server front-ends can be created that utilize Linux iSCSI SANs for the backend storage.
has licensed two separate backend solutions for digital camera designs, the NW800 and NW820, to Taiwan-based ELAN Microelectronics Corp.
New Updates to Kony's Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) Solution Gives Developers Mobile Freedom While Ensuring IT Security and Improved Business Agility
io Backend Realtime Extends mBaaS Capabilities to the Internet of Things (IoT)[[/para]]
Procurement and construction of an appropriate legal requirements smart meter IT backend system that is integrated into the existing IT environment of the client as well as other companies.
Server clusters sit on the site's front-end, grabbing dynamic data and application processing from backend database servers.