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any of the seats occupied by backbenchers in the House of Commons

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He said: "There are some very talented people I have to say right across the Oireachtas in the backbenches.
The road ahead is always rocky but I will be with you all of the way, cheering you on from the backbenches.
Mr Cameron will also not relish seeing his former leadership rival, who is a darling of the Tory right, on the backbenches where he can become a focus of discontent with the coalition Government.
The Coventry North-east MP's return to the backbenches follows 15-years as a frontbencher - first as a Labour whip in opposition, then ministerial posts at the Home Office and Ministry of Defence.
The rumours go that he will become education minister, with Jane Hutt going to the backbenches after 10 years as a minister, even though this would send a clear message that Labour does not expect her to retain her Vale of Glamorgan seat (majority: 83) at the next election.
Equally, failure to impose his will and move Mr Darling could be seen as a fatal sign of weakness at a time when plotters on the Labour backbenches are thought to be preparing to move against him.
1979: Labour MP Tony Benn was returning to the backbenches, rather than seeking a place in James Callaghan's shadow cabinet -fuelling speculation that he was about to make a bid to become Party leader.
They are the ones least likely to benefit from the various concessions which have been bolted on to this Bill in an attempt to squeeze it past the many doubters on the Labour backbenches.
But the protest continued - with Labour and Tory backbenches joining ranks to say the concession did not go far enough.
At the top of their list is the formation of a formal committee, which would elect its own officers and exist to act as a link between the backbenches and the leadership.
Peter's too good to be languishing on the backbenches," whisper "friends of the MP".
He said: "Labour backbenches will not abandon the poor who have still not been compensated.
It took many years of support for the Government from the backbenches before she became an unpaid aide to John Reid, then Defence Secretary, in 2005.
His remarks sparked fury among anti-nuclear campaigners and left-wingers on Labour's backbenches.
The chairman has the job of keeping ministers, including the Prime Minister, informed of thinking on Labour's backbenches.