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an ache localized in the back

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In addition to heavy backpacks, many lifestyle related causes such as poor dietary habits, high stress levels, lack of physical activity and sitting in the same posture at a stretch are contributing to the tide of backaches.
Nearly half the men surveyed (42 percent) get their backaches from shoveling the walkway and driveway.
The rates of postpartum backache were similar whether women received epidural analgesia or meperidine during labor in a prospective trial.
One car-owner claimed compensation for headaches, backaches and whiplash even though his car was empty when it was hit - and he was in the pub.
Backaches that will not go away, that cause any numbness or tingling in an arm or leg, or that cause difficulty or a change in movement need to be checked by your doctor.
4% of those who smoked more than that number had backaches.
She co-authored books on backaches and arthritis and was a contributor to Is Anyone Out There?
The researchers, from the university's school of epidemiology, said backaches were influenced by the patient's way of life and standard of living.
HEALTH--No one can be fully productive if they're hobbled by nagging health problems like backaches.
Symptoms of Lyme vary for each individual patient, but may include fever, chills, headache, backaches, fatigue, and a rash.
You no longer have to put up with those pesky backaches as new and advanced interventional procedures offer a quick and easy alternative to surgery
BalleCore was developed by Weeks to reduce backaches and stress, sculpt your arms, legs and core, and to improve balance, posture and muscle control.
Long-term backaches and other side effects occur no more frequently with mobile epidural anesthesia than with traditional epidurals, Dr.
That's more than any other pain including backaches, joint pain and muscle soreness.