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the act of purchasing back something previously sold

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A Derbyshire packaging company, PH Flexiblel, has won back contract that it lost to China.
Development plan of South Azadegan oil field is going on under a buy back contract has been signed earlier between CNPCI and NIOC.
Tenders are invited for Relay Non-Ac Immune Plug In Type Style Qn1 Dc Neutral Line 24 V, 12F/4B Contracts Front And Back Contracts Metal To Carbon With Plug Board, Retaining Clip And Connectors Conforming To Brs:930, Irs:S-34 And Irs:S-23 As Applicable .
One of the protestors, Mohammad Daud, said about 70 firms had signed some years back contracts with the ministry for logistic supplies to provincial police headquarters.
1 contract electronics manufacturer, has begun launching a large-scale price cut of its connectors for notebook computers in hope of wining back contracts defecting to competitors after it added notebook assembly to business coverage last year.
Dial a Mobile and cash back contracts, opened by Roger Godsiff (Lab Birmingham Sparkbrook and Smallheath).
The move has been welcomed by suppliers despite the criticism Sainsbury received this year after it cut back contracts with Dungannon Meats and Farm Fed Chicken.
But investors were waiting to buy back contracts at that level, brokers said.
Tenders are invited for Relay Plug-In Type Ac Led All Aspect Ac Lamp Proving Relay Unit With In Built Current Transformer Type, Slow Release Neutral Relay, 4F-4B Contacts, Front And Back Contracts Metal To Carbon, Shall Be Suitable For Working In Series With The 110 V Ac Led Signal Lamp Rated At 15W Conforming To Rdso Specn.
Copper is heading for quarterly and monthly declines, and some traders who bet on lower prices may buy back contracts in short-covering.
But now, the back contracts, those for delivery in months and years into the future, are also shedding value as more certainty exists for longer-term recessionary forces to exert downward pressure on prices.
Emma Rutter, dairy advisor with the NFU, said: "Dairy Crest is saying that it is going to win back contracts in other areas, so hopefully it will shift round.
For example Eurotec in Wednesbury, winning back contracts from Spain, Hungary and Poland, while Zeus Aluminium is making significant gains in Germany.