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microscopic unicellular marine or freshwater colonial alga having cell walls impregnated with silica

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Bacillariophyta was represented by 28, Chlorophyta by 25, Cyanophyta by 11, Heterokontophyta by 7, Cryptophyta by 3, Pyrrophyta by 2, and Euglenophyta by 1 species, respectively (Table 1).
0 and 10 in, the species diversity of Heterokontophyta was mainly represented by Mallomonas caudate, Chlorophyta by Chlamydomonas polypyrenoideum, Bacillariophyta by Melosira granulata and Asterionella formosa, respectively.
Because many periphyton are very difficult to identify reliably to the level of species (Prescott 1954; Dodds & Gudder 1992), all periphytic algae specimens were identified only to the level of genus, except diatoms, which were identified only to Bacillariophyta.
Cyanobacteria Chloroplast Bacillariophyta Firmicutes Clostridiaceae Clostridium Lactobacillaceae Lactobacillus Verrucomicrobia Subdivision 3 Subdivision 3 Huron Crystal Subdivision Genus River Lake [alpha]-Proteobacteria Bradyrhizobium + Hyphomicrobium + [beta]-Proteobacteria Curvibacter + Rhodoferax + + Polynucleobacter + Methylophilus + Chitinibacter + Dechloromonas + [gamma]-Proteobacteria Aeromonas + Escherichia / Shigella + Yersinia + Acinetobacter + Shewanella + [delta]-Proteobacteria Bdellovibrio + Acidobacteria Gp3 + Gp4 + Gp8 + Actinobacteria Cryobacterium Propionibacterium + Bacteroidetes Bacteroides + Cloacibacterium + Flavobacterium + Chloroftexi Caldilinea sp.