Bachelor of Theology

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a bachelor's degree in theology

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Ieva Klavina was a student in the Bachelor of Theology program when they closed the door to the parish ministry was closed for her.
Applicants need to pass the entry examination and then get the government's approval in order to be accepted into the Bachelor of Theology programme, the only programme offered.
She attended Pentecostal Bible Institute in Tupelo, Mississippi and graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree.
He earned a bachelor of theology degree from Northwest Christian College and a bachelor of divinity degree from Butler University.
She earned a community service diploma in New Glasgow, a bachelor of arts at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, and bachelor of theology and master of divinity degrees at The Presbyterian College, Montreal -- all the time battling cancer.
She has a bachelor of theology degree from McGill University and a diploma in ministry from Montreal Institute for Ministry.
Despite this, it has been encouraging to see the number of OTS students who have been motivated to obtain their formal educational qualifications in order to fulfill the Asia Theological Association (ATA) requirements for a Bachelor of Theology (B.
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