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a three-year law degree


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Lloyd holds a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Manitoba.
1961), Poss earned his graduate degree from the University of Toronto School of Architecture (1965), and his bachelor of law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University (LL.
Harvey holds both a Bachelor of Law degree and a Master of Business Administration degree.
Lataille received a Bachelor of Laws degree in common law from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, and a Bachelor of Laws degree in civil law from l'Universite de Montreal.
Cooper received a Bachelor's degree in political science from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Laws degree from Fordham Law School.
The university will introduce a Bachelor of Laws degree at a later stage, after obtaining the consent of the Bar associates.
She obtained an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa in 1984, a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law in 1989 and a Masters of Arts from the Royal Military College of Canada in 2001.
Geared toward the study of English law in a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), postgraduate, or conversion course, this work discusses marriage and civil partnership, Family Law Act 1996 PT IV and PT IVA, Protection from Harassment Act, children's rights, the Children Act 1989, parental responsibility, private child law, services for children in need, emergency child protection, care and supervision orders, the Adoption and Children Act 2002, challenging the local authority, finances before a divorce, financial remedies--finances after a divorce/dissolution of civil partnership, child support, and financial applications under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.
He also did Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University, USA and Bachelor of Laws degree from Patna University.
He received his juris doctor degree from the University of Miami in 1967, replacing his bachelor of laws degree conferred there in 1950.
Bloomfield holds a Master of Arts degree in Foreign Affairs and Trade from Monash University, a Bachelor of Letters in Political Science and French and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts in Modern Greek from the University of Melbourne.
uk/graddio CEREMONY 12 Friday July 22, 11am, St David's Hall Cardiff Law School Bachelor of Laws in Law Helen A'Bear; Muhammad Abubakar; Neha Akkineni; William Allen; Md.
Born in Bursa in 1948, Arinc finished the high school in the western province of Manisa, and attended University of Ankara, earning a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1970.
Don is a proud graduate of the University of Alberta, having received his Bachelor of Arts in 1975, his Bachelor of Laws in 1979, and his Master of Laws degree in 1980.
Laura completed her Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (majoring in English) in mid-2005 at the University of Western Australia.
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