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Synonyms for bachelor

a man who has never been married

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a knight of the lowest order

lead a bachelor's existence


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The new approach to diversity and inclusion in 2003 corresponded with the rewriting of the Bachelor of Education degree in the university college; this is the main degree which the Religious Studies department contributes to.
She graduated with a Bachelor of Education, and taught for one year before coming to work on campus with CCO.
Cardiff ITEC even helped me through a Bachelor of Education degree, which gave me the skills I needed to be promoted into management and the post of skill seekers manager with responsibility for more than 300 students - a job I really enjoy.
Apalategui, bachelor of science, business administration; Angela Christine Arnold, bachelor of science, communication disorders and sciences; Amicis Xavier Arvizu, bachelor of science, biology; Kari Lynne Atkins, bachelor of science, computer and information science; Donna Lee Atkinson, bachelor of science, family and human services; Georgia Christine Atwood, bachelor of education, educational studies; Adam August, master of business administration, management: general business; Peter Alan Baki, bachelor of science, biology;
We speculate that formal and systematic sexual health education training derived from their Bachelor of Education programs has been a less frequent and highly variable component of most teachers' preparation.
They postponed their wedding until after the war and so Betty could earn a bachelor of education degree from the University of Wisconsin.
Francis Xavier University and a Bachelor of Education degree from Mount St.
After completing his Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Commerce (AD) degrees at the University of Alberta, Mr.
Davis Johnson has earned a Master of Liberal Arts (Journalism), Extension Studies, from Harvard University, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto, Ontario, and a Bachelor of Arts from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
LAHORE -- Punjab University Examinations department has notified that Bachelor of Education (B.
The degrees include: Bachelor of Education, Teacher Professional Degree; Master of Education; Doctor of Education; Bachelor of Economy; Bachelor of Accounting and Finance; Master of Accounting and Finance; Bachelor in Government and Public Administration; Master in Law; Master of Public Health; Master of Health Services Management; Master of Strategic Quality Management and Medical Auditing; Doctorate in Health Services Management, Public Health; Master of Conflict Management and Solution; and Master of Real Estate Management.
of Calgary, Canada), accompanied by invited critical responses, reflect on their experiences with a "Master of Teaching" program leading to a Bachelor of Education degree.
More than 2,600 students are currently enrolled in the two-year ADE program and the four-year Bachelor of Education (B.
They sat near the back of the auditorium, and when his mother was called up to receive her bachelor of education degree, Ryan jumped to his feet to applaud and take pictures.
He went to Manchester Metropolitan University, where he completed a Bachelor of Education course from 1994-98.
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