Bachelor of Divinity

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a bachelor's degree in religion

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The volume concludes with a June 4, 1951 letter sent to Boston University from Charles Batten, the Dean of Crozer Theological Seminary, certifying that King had officially received his Bachelor of Divinity degree May 8, 1951.
In 1947, he received a bachelor of divinity degree from Goshen College Biblical Seminary and a master's degree in theology from Princeton Theological Seminary.
A fifth generation Missourian, Ambassador Danforth graduated with honors from Princeton University in 1958 and went on to receive a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School and a Bachelor of Law degree from Yale Law School.
He also received a bachelor of divinity degree from Western Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary and a master's of education from Oregon State University.
He earned a bachelor of theology degree from Northwest Christian College and a bachelor of divinity degree from Butler University.
He holds a bachelor of arts degree from South Carolina State College with honors, a bachelor of divinity degree from Harvard University, a master of arts degree from Columbia University and a doctor of philosophy degree from Yale University.
He also holds a bachelor of divinity degree from the University of London.
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