Bachelor of Divinity

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a bachelor's degree in religion

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Equally at home in theology -- Goethals holds a bachelor of divinity from Yale, along with a master's in art, and a Ph.
Similar collections were established at Worcester and Bristol, and regulations were drawn up proclaiming that "books should be chained and catalogued and that the librarian should be a bachelor of divinity, or at least a graduate" (St.
The volume concludes with a June 4, 1951 letter sent to Boston University from Charles Batten, the Dean of Crozer Theological Seminary, certifying that King had officially received his Bachelor of Divinity degree May 8, 1951.
Senator Danforth is a graduate of Princeton University and received his Bachelor of Divinity from Yale Divinity School and his Bachelor of Law from Yale Law School.
The first woman matriculated in September of the following year, and the first female bachelor of divinity graduated in 1876.
Hayes received a bachelor of divinity and doctor of philosophy degrees from McGill University; he also holds a bachelor of arts degree from Pomona College, Claremont, Calif.
In 1947, he received a bachelor of divinity degree from Goshen College Biblical Seminary and a master's degree in theology from Princeton Theological Seminary.
Sister Ethel Maud became the first Bachelor of Divinity at the University of Wales; brother Archie went into the East African jungle to hunt lions.
The new Systematiker maintained a heavy schedule of classes in the bachelor of divinity curriculum and also served as registrar.
Engaged to fiancee Gail McGregor, Malcolm, who studied for a Bachelor of Divinity at Aberdeen University, will marry in May next year.
He has an MA in English and History, a Bachelor of Divinity and got his Masters in Theology after a period in the USA.
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