Bachelor of Arts

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a bachelor's degree in arts and sciences

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Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Economics: Christiana Afua Boateng, Laura Eltayeb, Christina Masih, Olayemi Omotayo Onakoya, India Louise Sampson, Kitty Ka Yui Tsui, Uko Umotong
DEXTER - April Nicole Bales, bachelor of science, educational studies; Alla Svetlana Blanca-White, certificate, middle/secondary education; and Bridget Kristen Klest, bachelor of arts, psychology.
Morris earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting from the University of Virginia and is a certified public accountant.
Spellman, bachelor of arts, comparative literature and sociology; Kristi Lynn Spence, bachelor of science, psychology; Thaddeus Scott Spencer, bachelor of arts, Russian; Shelby Nicole Stair, bachelor of science, computer and information science; Timothy C.
BACHELOR OF ARTS IN FINE ART EXPERIMENTAL MEDIA PRAGUE COLLEGE Yevgeniya Drovossekova, Jamie Fisher*, Jakub Grosz*, Peter Boyce Thick Le Couteur*, Peter Mareneik, Jamba Mulimbwe, Tereza Prukova*, Tihana uput-Valent*.
Ashford University's Bachelor of Arts in Finance degree combines the optimum blend and professional practice for a comprehensive education in the finance discipline and general business," said Dr.
BACHELOR OF ARTS IN BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MEDITERRANEAN COLLEGE, THESSALONIKI Andri Bino, Ioannis Chatzidis, Martha Daraviga, Theodoros Kalpakis, Christoforos Mikelov, Nikolaos Moschopoulos, Efstathios Papaioannou.
Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Service Management will choose from one of four specializations within the major: Non-Profit, Hospitality, Restaurant Enterprise Management and Mass-Market Retail Enterprise Management.
Heather Grover of Webster received a bachelor of arts in music education, Cum Laude.
Browning is a Juris Doctor graduate of the University of Detroit and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University.
Morse received his bachelor of arts from the University of California and his juris doctor from Boston College Law School.
Maki graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Game Development and Programming
Geller has Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles.
Beth, who serves as an officer of the Boston Chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute, holds a bachelor of arts degree in English from Tulane University and a Master of Business Administration from Boston University.
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