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Synonyms for cornflower

plant of southern and southeastern United States grown for its yellow flowers that can be dried

an annual Eurasian plant cultivated in North America having showy heads of blue or purple or pink or white flowers

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In addition to alliums, asters, carnations, Bachelor buttons, milkweeds, mints, daisies of all kinds, coneflowers and zinnias to feed adults, they also require the availability of members of the umbels family (Queen Anne's Lace).
Spring planting could incorporate double daisies (Bellis perennis), Bachelor buttons (cornflower) or cheiranthus (wallflower).
To highlight their vibrant blooms amid the towering redwoods that shade the original circa 1882 Korbel Family House, Corral and his team have surrounded the rose plantings with an elegant ground cover of white bachelor buttons and used in the planting beds dark mulch created from Chardonnay grapes crushed for Korbel champagne.
Not only does the book highlight recent additions to the Southern landscape such as bear's breeches, Japanese fiber banana, and angelonias, but new varieties of old favorites get renewed attention from Winter's text: bachelor buttons in three heights, a renewed popularity of butterfly weed, and a purple-leafed variety of elephant ears, well-known for their tolerance of sun and humidity.
More than 200 vineyards and farms in Northern California apply compost made from food scraps and many use this compost to grow cover crops such as mustard, beans, and bachelor buttons that pull carbon out of the atmosphere and sequester it deep in the soil.