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In the Vancouver area in 2003, the average monthly rent for a bachelor apartment was $654.
Matters get Vesuvian enough when unmarried Angelo boldly moves out of the family's garishly overdecorated home and into his own bachelor apartment.
Long since expressing a desire for family - to which end he exchanged his New York bachelor apartment for a $1.
It has all the pieces from a bachelor apartment, but they're not composed in the right way.
At the height of his success Eubank, believed to be living in a bachelor apartment in Brighton, owned a fleet of luxury cars.
The lovebirds meet regularly at Colin's multi-million pound bachelor apartment in Battersea, South West London, as well as enjoying regular dinners with close friends.
HAPPY: Eamonn and Ruth are setting up home together; Sensible, spacious family home in a conservative suburb; Eamonn's pounds 250,000 luxury bachelor apartment in posh residential block in trendy Wimbledon, south London