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German baroque organist and contrapuntist


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It's very important for us to bring Bach's core sound to the festival, so we found orchestras that play the original instruments," Marciano explained, "and have brought a few groups, such as the Accademia Bizantina, which is one of the top orchestras in the world for antique music, and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, who did the most beautiful Bach recordings in history.
Also included is a section called "Editorially Relevant Sources Rediscovered Since the Publication of NBA IV/5-6"--each piece is listed with the following information: where the source was provided (that is, NBA); who made the copy, such as one of Bach's sons; and a bibliography note where this piece may have been discussed and/or analyzed.
Marissen explains that he submitted to the wisdom of his editors at Oxford University Press in accepting Bach & God over his original title, Essaying Bach and Religion, or the more descriptive but clumsy title, Bach's Music and the Religious Content of Bach's Music (p.
Healing Spirituality includes: A detailed explanation of the Bach Flowers system; Bach Flowers and vibrational healing; Edward Bach's life, beliefs and philosophy of life and healing; Detailed description of all Bach Flowers; A working guide and practical information on how to integrate Bach Flowers into your daily lifestyle; Instructions for creating your own Bach Flower essences; and so much more
For this and other reasons, many of Bach's works -- perhaps one-fourth to one-third of his total output -- remain lost.
This will be the third time in six years that Birmingham has put the spotlight on Bach's genius, and proceedings begin on Saturday with a Bach Discovery Day in the Studio at Birmingham REP.
If one understands Bach's greatness in this sense, then one can agree with Schweitzer that the listener who appreciates "the secret language of tone.
The programme will also include music by Bach's contemporaries and predecessors who may have influenced his own work - from Ammerbach and Telemann to Graupher and Buxtehude.
Varied and often quite challenging, the brass parts in Bach's Leipzig cantatas represent a significant portion of Bach's brass literature.
Bachs Revisionen am Autograph der h-Moll-Messe seines Vaters und der Hamburger Stimmensatz zum Credo BWV 232II', is fascinating not only on account of the light it sheds on Bach's understanding of his father's music, but also in that it reflects so vividly his own artistic convictions.
Their Bach disc library is rich, containing, say, the Huges Counod recordings of Bach's Geistlicher Lieder (Sacred Songs) on Westminster LPs from 50 years ago, which I've never heard anywhere else or seen in any record library other than mine.
The program includes Bach's "Cantata 71" ("God is My King") and the "Magnificat in D.
Matthew Passion and the B minor Mass several times were experiences that have left an indelible mark on my piano performances: we frequently find dance movements in Bach's church music, and his instrumental works were often inspired by his sacred compositions.
Bach's personal library contained hundreds of musical scores and works on music theory.