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German baroque organist and contrapuntist


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These are by no means all of Bach's Kammermusik mit Violine.
The concerto was by Bach, and Bach's music has been central in my life, even though I have until now resisted recording his music.
This will be the third time in six years that Birmingham has put the spotlight on Bach's genius, and proceedings begin on Saturday with a Bach Discovery Day in the Studio at Birmingham REP.
The programme will also include music by Bach's contemporaries and predecessors who may have influenced his own work - from Ammerbach and Telemann to Graupher and Buxtehude.
Halls also will premiere his own reconstruction of Bach's long-lost St.
Ulrich Leisinger's 'Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach und die musikalische Deklamation' introduces a sequence of six essays on various aspects of Bach's vocal music.
A particular favorite of mine was one of the most accessible pieces in the collection, "Bach Study" by Elena Kats-Chernin, which reimagines the Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No.
Bach's music succeeds over and over again in forging an intimate bond between performer and audience.
There has been a tendency in recent scholarship to back away from the nearly hagiographic assessment of Bach's life and work in former studies, such as the romantic studies of Philipp Spitta who established Bach as the supreme church musician (4) and Albert Schweitzer who pronounced Bach to be "the fifth evangelist.
The last concert at 3pm next Sunday moves to Holy Trinity Church in Leamington, where The Bach Players will be in action again, this time playing Bach arranged by Mozart, and Bach's arrangement of the popular Pergolesi Stabat Mater featuring soprano Rachel Elliott and alto Sally Bruce- Payne.
It's based on a bronze cast of Bach's skull given to anthropologist Dr Caroline Wilkinson by the Bachhaus Museum.
Then began Bach's solemn motet ``Jesu, meine Freude'' (``Jesus, My Joy''), with his chorus accompanied by basso continuo: a cello, double-bass and chamber organ.
Johann Sebastian Bach: His Life in Pictures and Documents, with CD is a gorgeous tribute to Bach's life and musical contributions to Western Civilization.
So it seems fitting that, for the first time in five years, New York City Ballet has chosen to revive The Goldberg Variations, set to Bach's monumental piano score.