Baccharis halimifolia

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a shrub of salt marshes of eastern and south central North America and West Indies

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5 mi SW Lakeshore, 25 April-25 October, 131 specimens, several series swept from Iva frutescens and Baccharis halimifolia.
Specimens were occasionally taken from flowers of Baccharis halimifolia.
5 mi SW Lakeshore, 14 August--25 October, 9 specimens, 3 from Baccharis halimifolia.
One specimen was taken during a sweep of Baccharis halimifolia.
The highest banks are often covered with halophytic shrubby species, such as Baccharis halimifolia L.
Baccharis halimifolia flowers yielded most specimens of this species.
All but one of the specimens of this species were taken from Baccharis halimifolia.
Collected from Baccharis halimifolia at all locations and Iva frutescens both on the island and in the marsh 1 mile SSW of Lakeshore.
121 specimens, although 1 specimen was taken from Baccharis halimifolia, over half of the specimens collected were swept from Distichlis meadow.
Although two specimens were collected from Baccharis halimifolia, the remainder were taken during general sweeping.
The highest banks are often covered with shrubby species, such as Baccharis halimifolia L.
25 specimens, collected from Baccharis halimifolia (2), Iva frutescens (2), and from vegetation surrounding the artesian pond.