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Synonyms for Bacchanalia

an orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus (= Bacchus)


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a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

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The music with which Britten scores the ensuing Bacchanalia is every bit the match for Thomas Mann's extraordinary paragraph.
He used a family's intrigues to describe the debauchery of the Bacchanalia and the aspirations of the initiates to overthrow the government.
Frequented by gays and straights alike and named for west Florida's cash crop, the event is a Mardi Gras-like bacchanalia with live music, costume contests, and the float-filled Stumble Parade, where flashes of body parts are traded for cheap beads.
Choose from Bistro Bacchanalia (tel 01752 254879) or The Glassblowing House (tel 228 556) on Sutton Harbour; The Waterfront (tel 226326), 9 Grand Parade; and the Village Restaurant (tel 667688) or Japenese Yukisan (tel 250240) in The Barbican.
Visitors also get a heartening glimpse of Bauhaus bacchanalia.
She turns "theologians into lunatics" and with her beauty and bacchanalia, she lures the ocean tot want to be her lover.
They go out into the countryside, they tend to their gardens; they start thinking about the upcoming Summer Solstice bacchanalia.
It is strange for us that the people organising this bacchanalia are in such a hurry.
Yet there's also a more modern side to the Greek capital but in the true old spirit of Bacchanalia - the term associated with the Ancient Greeks feasting and making merry.
More could be made, however, of events where women felt sufficiently entitled to take personal initiative in religious matters, such as the woman who vowed a temple to Juno Lucina in return for successful childbirth; Schultz's analysis of the distinction between Livy's account of the suppression of Bacchanalia in 186 and that of the Senatus Consultum from Bruttium, while not out of line with recent readings (such as Valerie Warrior's), makes the important point that Livy's focus on the Senate's intolerance of the "debauchery," for which women were responsible should be read as metonymic for a political threat felt by the Senate.
Likewise, it became increasingly uncommon for groups of students to gather together in the house after exams or on a Saturday night for an old-fashioned collegiate Bacchanalia, never mind that faculty had long before had to forego joining in such revelries.
And as long as Engh is discussing instances of persecution that are relatively contained in time and space, such as the centralization of Yahweh-worship under King Josiah of Judah, the crackdown on the Bacchanalia in second-century BC Rome, or the monotheistic reforms of Akhenaten in Egypt, the strategy works relatively well.
At the height of the bacchanalia, Thurman writes: "Whites and blacks clung passionately together as if trying to effect a permanent merger.
What used to be three separate food-and-wine festivals is one long bacchanalia this year.
Like their award-winning Bacchanalia, the emphasis is on the best of Southern ingredients, traditional, artisanal and heirloom.