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Synonyms for bacchanal

someone who engages in drinking bouts

a drunken reveller


Related Words

a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

used of riotously drunken merrymaking

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He interprets the Dionysian structure of La valse as a more positive version of the Bacchanales of chapter 4, thus celebrating the joy of existence with sheer violence and chaos.
Other lots in the auction include a Pablo Picasso masterpiece Bacchanale au Taureau, a painting, Body and Image, by Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej and the chance to adopt a school in a flood-affected district of Pakistan.
His drawing, Portrait de Jacqueline, went for e1/440,000 ( around ` 24 lakh ) at the Beck and Eggeling gallery booth; his 1959 linocut, Bacchanale, was sold for $ 32,000 ( ` 14 lakh).
The house, which she had worked for so long to clean, is now transformed into the site of a bacchanale.
71) When insults in the bar did not suffice, Degissey moved to the street before the threshold of Villat's home and conducted a type of world-turned-upside-down serenade, also known to eighteenth-century contemporaries as a bacchanale or tapage, where he taunted rather than lavished praise on the young girl and her family during the sexually-charged weeks of May.
Bob offers an intriguing mix of songs, from Saint-Saens' classical "Samson et Dalila: Air et Danse Bacchanale," to the lyrical genius of Tom Waits and from classic punk acts such as the Cramps, to locals such as the Pity Whores.
Now we have Concerto Fantasie with soloist Margaret Fingerhut, The Golden River after Ruskin, Pavane Idyll and Bacchanale, and three pieces for Orchestra, and it is easy to hear why his music was so well liked.
His ballet Bacchanale also premiered at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York in 1939, followed by another, Labyrinth, choreographed by Leonide Massine, in 1941 (Ades 489-98; Dervaux 14).
Fue asi, como nacio la primera obra de John Cage para piano preparado: Bacchanale (1940).
Precious archival footage shows hunky George Zoritch (the stuff of erotic dreams in The Afternoon of a Faun) and Leonide Massine's surreal ballet Bacchanale, with its enormous bleeding swan designed by Salvador Dali center stage.
The exhilarating Bacchanale and deliciously squelchy Valse, for example, show just what a lucid ear Lambert had for orchestral colour and texture; and he could write tunes just as catchy as Walton's.
He launched a Web site where the brilliant colors of Petrushka, Bacchanale, and others can currently be viewed www.
The 32-room Old Town Inn has just one guest, and the Bacchanale restaurant has only two tables filled while a waitress and bartender commiserate on the lack of business and tips.
I am looking for a copy of Saint-Saens Bacchanale, from `Samson and Delilah', also the theme music from The Onedin Line.
Just as they had to relearn how to riot, so they had to relearn how to conduct a charivari (or bacchanale as they called it, having forgotten even the term charivari), but the act of reinvention left considerable room for the discovery of new forms of collective action.