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Synonyms for bacchanal

someone who engages in drinking bouts

a drunken reveller


Related Words

a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

used of riotously drunken merrymaking

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He interprets the Dionysian structure of La valse as a more positive version of the Bacchanales of chapter 4, thus celebrating the joy of existence with sheer violence and chaos.
His ballet Bacchanale also premiered at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York in 1939, followed by another, Labyrinth, choreographed by Leonide Massine, in 1941 (Ades 489-98; Dervaux 14).
Precious archival footage shows hunky George Zoritch (the stuff of erotic dreams in The Afternoon of a Faun) and Leonide Massine's surreal ballet Bacchanale, with its enormous bleeding swan designed by Salvador Dali center stage.
The exhilarating Bacchanale and deliciously squelchy Valse, for example, show just what a lucid ear Lambert had for orchestral colour and texture; and he could write tunes just as catchy as Walton's.
He launched a Web site where the brilliant colors of Petrushka, Bacchanale, and others can currently be viewed www.
The 32-room Old Town Inn has just one guest, and the Bacchanale restaurant has only two tables filled while a waitress and bartender commiserate on the lack of business and tips.
I am looking for a copy of Saint-Saens Bacchanale, from `Samson and Delilah', also the theme music from The Onedin Line.
The volume also includes Fink and Fliederbusch (1917) as well as Comedy of Words (Komodie der Worte, 1915), comprising the one-act plays The Hour of Recognition (Stunde des Erkennens), The Big Scene (GroBe Szene), and The Bacchanale (Das Bacchusfest).
She has concentrated, in the main, on Cage's early works: for Mode, she has recorded such early pieces as Jazz Study, Totem Ancestor (both 1942), and Triple-Paced (1943--Mode 106, 2002) as well as first recording of the little-known Chess Pieces and the Sonatas and Interludes (Mode 158, 2006); a number of other prepared piano works including Bacchanale (ca.
Music Director Antony Walker leads the orchestra and chorus, and Michele de la Reza and Peter Kope bring the talents of Attack Theatre to the captivating Bacchanale, Saint-Saens's famous dance of the Philistines.
Bach's "Little" Fugue in G Minor, Camille Saint-Saens' Dance Bacchanale and the finale from P.
The repertoire for the New York season tentatively includes Duncan's Bacchanale (1904), Doris Humphrey's Two Ecstatic Themes (1931), Limon's A Choreographic Offering (1964) and Sokolow's Kaddish (1945), as well as works choreographed for Steinberg by Colin Connor, Cardona, Sean Curran and Ann Carlson.
Between 1987 and 1997, Agon performed (often on multiple occasions) Cage's compositions Sonata Clarinet, Three Pieces fir Flute Duet, The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs, mores, Music for Marcel Duchamp, Four Walls, Six Melodies, String Quartet in Four Parts, Ryoanji, Concert for Piano and Orchestra (soloist Andras Wilhelm, later on Martin Smolka, also in the version for some instruments without the piano), Bacchanale, Fontana Wily, In a Landscape, The Perilous Night, Suite for Toy Piano, Two Pastorales, Variations I and Ten.
Sandy-colored lighting accompanied the Bacchanale, while blood-red lighting bathed the shrieks of the dying Philistines.
At his first concert in Toronto, in November 1892, he conducted a miscellaneous concert that included Elsa's Dream from Lohengrin and the Overture and Bacchanale from Tannhauser.