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an unnaturally frenzied or distraught woman

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(Greek mythology) a woman participant in the orgiastic rites of Dionysus

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The Bacchae strikes me as neither defaming nor exalting religion.
If in The Bacchae, as John Ferguson has said, "the power of salvation has become the power of destruction," Albert argues that in Major Barbara "the power of destruction becomes the power of salvation" (207).
This new work takes as its inspiration the classic story of The Bacchae and re-invents it as visually arresting and compelling aerial theatre.
Dancing at Lughnasa is a partial adaptation of Euripides's Bacchae, which ends when the frenzied Maenads sacrifice to Dionysus by tearing King Pentheus to pieces, as Dionysus himself was once torn to pieces by Titans, 'their faces whitened with chalk'.
THEATRE: Cornish Kneehigh Theatre Company with their own inventive and often very funny interpretation of Greek tragedy in The Bacchae.
The impressive professional team working on the show includes choreographer Marie GabrielleRotie, who worked with Sir Peter Hall on The Bacchae at The National Theatre, and David Coulter, formerly of The Pogues, who has designed a sound score.
Two of the most profoundly influential qualities associated with the East appear in Aeschylus's The Persians, the earliest Athenian play extant, and in The Bacchae of Euripides, the very last one extant.
These include the Serpent Players' 1965 production of Antigone, in which John Kani played Haemon, Anouilh's Antigone (1944), performed in Paris with covert references to the Nazi Occupation, the devised play The Coat, in which one of the characters is seemingly arbitrarily referred to as Haemon, Aeschylus's Oresteia and--presumably--the Electra plays of both Sophocles and Euripides that underpin Fugard's experiment in focusing contemporary South African history through the lens of Greek tragedy in his devised play, Orestes; in 1971, John Kani appeared as a passive-aggressive Dionysus in a gold lame jacket in the Serpent Players' production of The Bacchae, a characterization that clearly anticipated his attitude toward the audience in the role-play of Creon in The Island.
I'd done a lot of theatre inspired by old tales before," says Rivers, who's previously toured with the likes of The Village Social, National Theatre Wales' surreal and immersive work that was said to be one half Euripides' The Bacchae and the other The Wicker Man.
inhuman glory, the monsters of their stories like Bacchae on the
And it's been six years since the Cornwall-based performers last came to Liverpool, showcasing The Bacchae at the Playhouse.
Highlights include Alan Cumming in The Bacchae and three very different interpretations
THEATRE: The Bacchae by Sophocles gets an entirely new treatment in this new production by Kneehigh Theatre directed by Emma Rice.
Here his strategy differs from that employed in The Bacchae and Opera because he wishes to place his culture front and center and to offer its (rather than the British audience's) reactions and responses as the mediating point.