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the larger than expected generation in United States born shortly after World War II

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Speaking at a panel titled "Regional Development and the role of the Business World" in Edirne on Tuesday, Boyner pointed out that all indicators showed Turkey's demographic babyboom was waning and a new demographic trend was imminent, urging those who steer the economy to give weight to creation of jobs
El babyboom eleva la poblacion juvenil de 10 a 15 millones, con la consiguiente expansion de la educacion y la evidencia de una cohorte generacional distinta.
As the babyboom generation ages (as well as generations X, Y & Z, for that matter), personal health and physical fitness have become more than just fashionable--they are recognized as fundamental to being able to enjoy life, pursue goals, and live longer.
Mind you, neither Stu nor I have anything against the younger generation--we're not that far from it ourselves, kind of at the tail end of the babyboom era.
This workshop offers background on the 'quiet crisis' suffered by cities who are ill-prepared for the nation's exploding senior population and will provide you the tools to avoid babyboom doom.
In addition, the aging of the babyboom generation, increases in property taxes and property insurance, the cost and availability of energy and the impact of massive budget deficits are other issues that may have a significant impact on demand for real estate in the future," Bach said.
What on earth must kids of nine, even sixteen think of their babyboom mothers clad (or unclad) like this in their mid-fifties?
The authors pointed out that, while relatively few young adults entered the market for the first time in the 1990s, this will change as the Babyboom Echo joins the workforce in large numbers.
A BABYboom is on its way - nine months after the millennium celebrations.
As workers in the babyboom population begin to retire and the smaller population of the "baby bust" generation enters the labor market, overall labor force growth will slow.
Women of the babyboom generation, the founders of women's music and culture, believed that they could construct a collective sense of what it meant to be a lesbian, and also develop representations of that collective identity.
Evidently, the negative effects of factors such as the decrease in marriage rates of household heads were stronger than the positive effects of the aging of the babyboom generation.
The problem is two-fold: After a babyboom peak in 1977, there has been a longterm decline in the number of high school graduates while the percentage of those pursuing engineering careers remains at a static 10 percent; the pre-college educational system is not doing a good job of fostering scientific literates.
The echo babyboom has exacerbated this polarization as less-affluent mothers bear children at an earlier age than do their wealthier sisters with higher job skills.