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make safe against children


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And after she married and had her children, she launched a baby-proofing company.
The book includes month-by-month advice on topics ranging from feeding, sleeping and teething to baby-proofing a home.
They cover serious issues like shaken baby syndrome and home baby-proofing, and light stuff, like what to pack in your diaper bag.
The entire homeland security debate is framed in terms of what you can do to protect your home, which essentially turns terrorism preparedness into a high-stress equivalent of baby-proofing.
Nurturing your child, your family, and yourselves Partnership in parenting, sharing responsibilities, sexuality Juggling career and family Pediatric care, baby-proofing, "sleeping" arrangements (or lack thereof) Special surprise guests (new parents with babies make the best teachers
The event is free and will provide a fun venue for Hispanic parents to meet experts on topics like pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby nutrition, how to raise a bilingual baby, baby-proofing your home, and how to get health care coverage for your family -- all in Spanish
st] product has grown into a full product line supporting a new generation of parents by offering thousands of items including car seats, strollers, and baby-proofing equipment.
One client called to discuss baby-proofing her home -- one day before she was scheduled to give birth.
Do I keep baby-proofing and moving everything higher until he moves out?
Baby-Proofing 101: First and foremost, make sure to follow recommended steps for baby-proofing the home, ensuring that toxic and/or hazardous materials are out of reach, installing baby safety gates to block off staircases, pools and other potential dangers, covering electrical outlets, and placing child monitoring solutions in key locations around the home.
Well he's on all fours now so you want to get baby-proofing pretty quick," she said with a knowing smile.
She said she and her husband spent $400 baby-proofing their condo, about $500 on essential baby gear, and set up a college tuition account, to which they contribute $150 a month.
Sample Life Event Tips include: 5 Smart Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers Insurance Documents to Update After Getting Married Baby-proofing Your Home in the Modern World Going Paperless and Help Prevent Identity Theft
It does mean, however, that we must seriously look at baby-proofing our house.
Barker breaks the book into four parts, each representing a three-month segment and covering such issues as breast-feeding, immunizations, minor medical problems, baby-proofing the home and travel.