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make safe against children


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Following the accident that left neighbours shocked, child safety experts are reminding parents of the importance of baby-proofing their home, such as installing safety catches on windows.
People are more aware and it is better to exercise caution," said Duri Arbab, owner of Duma Safe, which sells baby-proofing products.
A second episode--creating a one-hour premiere--is equally arid, with Mike pushing middle-kid Mandy (Molly Ephraim) to find a job, and chafing about the sissified notion of baby-proofing the house.
The modernism of some buildings' designs -- think far-above-the-sidewalk terraces and tricky internal stairs -- is adding to the baby-proofing craze, said Fred Ilarraza, cofounder of Baby Bodyguards, a Brooklyn-based company.
An alternative would be to offer a "Baby Safety Class" that could cover not only babywearing, but other safety issues such as baby-proofing a house, bathing a baby, crib safety, etc.
A few specialty chapters highlight guest expert authors on topics such as baby-proofing the home or raising an eco-baby.
Eight-months pregnant with her first child, Valerie Holstein began the task of baby-proofing her home.
This spoof on traditional baby guidebooks (and a certain kind of overprotective, affluent parent) offers advice on everything from "The thin line between 'cute' and 'cruel' baby hats" to "How to read your baby's thoughts by scrutinizing her obsessively," not to mention helpful sections on naming, baby-proofing and co-pooping.
Advice is organized by task rather than age, and gives details on such topics as preparing for birth, feeding, bathing, baby-proofing, creating the best sleeping environment, and traveling.
And after she married and had her children, she launched a baby-proofing company.
The book includes month-by-month advice on topics ranging from feeding, sleeping and teething to baby-proofing a home.
They cover serious issues like shaken baby syndrome and home baby-proofing, and light stuff, like what to pack in your diaper bag.