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a member of the baby boom generation in the 1950s

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The figures reveal the inpatient cost of the 55-74 age group in Newcastle, closely aligned to the baby boom generation, is almost 12 times greater than the 16-24 age group often negatively associated with binge drinking and their impact on NHS resources.
Because the word "tough" doesn't begin to cover the deal our Baby Boom generation are giving young people today.
Due to regional economic growth, the baby boom generation and a "favorable" political climate, enrollment at COB had risen steadily.
The Baby Boom generation is characterized by its clear dominance of the popular culture of yuppie consumerism.
The United States continues to be an aging society; yet, even with the first wave of the baby boom generation approaching retirement, the United States is facing significant challenges in the area of health care reimbursement.
There are many other potential sources of loss on the horizon--a possible increase in employment practices liability as the baby boom generation ages, more lawsuits against those who serve liquor as efforts to deter drunk driving are stepped up and even litigation against reality TV shows.
The Baby Boom generation is only now contemplating aging, and gerontologists are beginning to recognize the extraordinary impact their numbers will have on an aging society," says Fernando Torres-Gil, author of The New Aging: Politics and Change in America.
29, before the Legislature's Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs, Bob Canuel, of OSTD's board of directors, said steps need to be taken now to prepare for the effects of the baby boom generation reaching retirement age.
As more and more of the baby boom generation enters retirement age, entitlement spending for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security is expected to absorb correspondingly larger shares of federal revenue and crowd out other spending.
The producers and executives of Hollywood, to say nothing of its screenwriters, are more likely to belong to the baby boom generation (or even Generation X) than to "the greatest generation.
Lifecycle models of savings behaviour in an ageing society, when applied to the OECD area as a whole, would suggest that returns on accumulated savings for the current baby boom generation may be low relative to historical averages, because, in some sense, baby boomers are in a position of having to buy assets high and sell low.
As the United States population ages, employers face the possibility of a sustained retirement of the baby boom generation and a loss of their most experienced and knowledgeable employees.
The availability of general revenue finance when the baby boom generation begins to enter retirement and press on our overall fiscal resources could make it more difficult to argue for program cuts, regardless of their broader merits.
The baby boom generation continues to leave its mark on the country.