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son and successor of Francois Duvalier as president of Haiti

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Baby Doc had taken overaged 19 from his father Papa Doc Duvalier in 1971.
Unfortunately, the Haitian state is essentially an absent and vacant presence in people's lives right now--which perhaps explains the ease with which a Baby Doc could unexpectedly and suddenly appear unannounced in Port-au-Prince.
HE'S BACK: Baby Doc at the airport and, below, with his dad in the late 60s
backed dictatorships of Papa and Baby Doc Duvalier.
They include Mira Markovic and Nexhmije Hoxha - the influential wives and powers-behind-the-throne of Yugoslavia's Slobodan Miosevic, and Albania's late ruler Enver Hoxha respectively - as well as Haiti's Baby Doc Duvalier, and Poland's General Jaruzelski.
Before reporting aboard Cole in April, Baby Doc had worked in the family practice division at the Navy's Sewells Point Clinic in Norfolk.
Why don't we go after Idi Amin, who now lives in Saudi Arabia, or Haiti's former dictator, Baby Doc Duvalier?
The Pope's cry that "things must change" electrified Haitians and almost electrocuted Baby Doc.
FORMER Haiti dictator Baby Doc Duvalier died yesterday in the country where he ruled by terror for 15 years.
Successor Baby Doc kept his father's state-terror creation going, and there was a period during which Macoute-related squads popped up even after the second Duvalier was toppled.
Haiti's troubles turned even more surreal over the weekend when the former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, known as Baby Doc, showed up in Port-au-Prince after nearly 25 years of exile.
Both countries encouraged the Papa Doc dictatorship - followed by his son Baby Doc - that stole billions of dollars (which they sank into French and US real estate and spent in the casinos and bordellos of the west).
That's the way dictators do it, keep it in the family - think North Korea or Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier.
But with the island under the dictatorship of Baby Doc and the native men fed up with their roles as rent boys, the women find themselves in a sticky situation.
Like his even more notorious father, Francois ("Papa Doc") Duvalier, Baby Doc received tacit support from Washington and North American companies, while his terror regime was ignored or at best mystified by the international community.