Nemophila menziesii

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delicate California annual having blue flowers marked with dark spots

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Baby Blue Eyes is a firm favourite alongside Mrs Popple and last year the wife bought me Dopey and Grumpy, for some reason.
The hiking is moderately strenuous, but the rewards are plentiful, including specimens such as baby blue eyes, meadowfoam, and sticky monkey flower.
The Sammaya Syndicate have enjoyed a terrific year on the Flat with Baby Blue Eyes, and could have more fun with Eritrea, who won the maiden hurdle.
MAGIC CARPET: Winner of a Gowran Park maiden back in May and runner-up to Baby Blue Eyes in a listed event at Leopardstown, this filly performed creditably again in the listed event won by Many Clours at the Curragh on Sunday.
com offers seeds for wildflowers including baby blue eyes, bird's eyes, blazing star, blue sage, California poppy, chicory, four-o'clock, forget-me-not, Johnny jump-up and primroses.
Try also the so-called baby blue eyes (Nemophila menziesii) and the more exotic poached egg flower (Limnanthes douglasii), golden rod (Solidago), stone crop (Sedum), sunflowers, lavender, French and African marigolds (Tagates), and gaillardia.
You can grow single varieties such as baby blue eyes, California poppies, or tidytips, or buy mixes for specific purposes--to attract butterflies or beneficial insects, for instance.
But she was never really travelling and, when she was headed turning for home, she dropped away tamely to finish a well-beaten ninth behind Pat Flynn's filly Baby Blue Eyes, which is in the field again tomorrow.
com offers seeds for baby blue eyes, bird's eyes, blazing star, blue sage, California poppy, chicory, four o'clock, forget-me-not, Johnny jump-up and primroses along with other wildflowers.
Lacewings, hoverflies, ladybirds, bees and some varieties of wasps feed on aphids and will be attracted into the garden with colourful flowering plants like borage, baby blue eyes (Nemophilia), and the lovely yellow and cream poached egg plant (Limnanthes douglasii).
June's creations truly were the icing on the cake for everyone in the team - she's really got each dog off to a tee, even down to Splodge's baby blue eyes and pink toys.
Deauville Vision is better with ease in the ground these days, as is Baby Blue Eyes, while Dimenticata should appreciate the quicker conditions as she bids to recapture her best form, notably when chasing home Finsceal Beo in the Irish 1,000 Guineas.
In zones 15-17, also plant frost-tender cineraria, nemesia, and schizanthus, or sow seeds of baby blue eyes, forget-me-nots, sweet alyssum, sweet peas, and wildflowers.
It was red letter day for Pat Flynn and stable-jockey Danny Grant at Leopardstown yesterday, the County Waterford combination recording a big-race double with She's Our Mark and Baby Blue Eyes.