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He said: "Our bus drove through the lion park and when we went through the baboon enclosure, one of the baboons jumped on the skylight of the coach and smashed the window and nearly fell inside the bus.
With Mother's Day approaching, it's a case of double trouble for one baboon mum as she has given birth to twins.
The one-acre site is the new hillside home of the zoo's Gelada baboons - the only surviving grazing primates, native to the Ethiopian mountains.
Being attacked by baboons is no laughing matter, I can tell you that.
The ranger eventually managed to chase the baboons off after threatening them with a gun.
Around 10 chacma baboons into the third-floor flat and wreaked havoc after one managed to the window open.
WHAT A BED BOY Baboons keep watch as one steals sheet
Baboons and vervet monkeys live side by side with humans in game management areas in Zambia, and this situation often leads to high levels of human-baboon/monkey conflicts.
Now a new study with a troop of zoo baboons and lots of peanuts shows that a less obvious trait - the ability to understand numbers - also is shared by humans and their primate cousins.
The baboons often chase one another up and down rock outcrops in their enclosure.
A minor war has broken out south of Qunfudah in the village of Kiad where large groups of hungry baboons from nearby valleys are attacking residences in search of food and drink.
The surprising presence of performing baboons in early modern London has been mostly forgotten or overlooked; yet a striking amount of plays between 1595 and 1616 mention their presence, suggesting that simians may have been more important to London's stage history than we have realized.
Baboons that have learned to tell words from nonwords use the order of regularly appearing letter pairs to make the distinction, new evidence suggests.
The article about the study, "Life at the Top: Rank and Stress in Wild Male Baboons," was published in the July 15 issue of Science, (Vol.