Babinski sign

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extension upward of the toes when the sole of the foot is stroked firmly on the outer side from the heel to the front

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This study found that selected combinations of clinical findings that consisted of (1) gait deviation, (2) positive Hoffmann sign, (3) inverted supinator sign, (4) positive Babinski sign, and (5) patients older than 45 years were effective in ruling out and ruling in cervical spine myelopathy.
The only abnormalities found on physical examination of the adults were a positive Babinski sign and absent rotular reflexes in 3 of the 23 siblings' mothers.
Neurologic examination showed sluggish pupils, decreased tone of the left extremities, and bilateral Babinski sign.
Clinical neurologic examination revealed postural tremor, exaggerated tendon reflexes on the lower limbs and positive Babinski sign.
Physical examination revealed left ankle clonus, positive Babinski sign on the left, and left lower extremity weakness.
After the acute phenomena subsided, she showed evident cognitive impairment, upper motor neuron pattern of weakness in limb muscles, hyperactive deep tendon reflexes, bilateral Babinski sign, dysarthric speech, and spastic gait.
The neurological examination demonstrated small reactive pupils, left-sided facial palsy, increased left-sided reflexes, left hemiplegia, and a left Babinski sign.
He exhibited normal osteotendinous and cranial nerve reflexes, had no Babinski sign but had notable nuchal rigidity.