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extension upward of the toes when the sole of the foot is stroked firmly on the outer side from the heel to the front

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He trained in Manchester but also studied in Paris with Babinski (26).
Subsequently, Cook et al (6) examined the reliability and sensitivity of 7 clinical tests: Babinski sign, clonus, Hoffmann sign, inverted supinator sign, hand withdrawal reflex, suprapatellar quadriceps reflex, and upper extremity deep tendon reflexes.
What followed was a recapitulation of the history of hysteria from Charcot and Freud to Babinski, without forgetting Bernheim, quoted as saying that hysteria is a "complex and protean disease that escapes from any definition" (Breton 949).
gununde norolojik bakisinda kuadriparezi (ust ekstremitelerde 4/5, alt ekstremitelerde 3/5 kas gucu) ve bilateral Babinski bulgusu mevcuttu.
Kristen Babinski of New York University and her associates presented a case of PML that presented in a 26-year-old man being treated for multiple sclerosis whose only symptom of PML was subacute amotivational syndrome,
Significant findings on physical examination included chronic hemiatrophy involving his entire left face, as well as a Babinski sign on the right.
Neurological examination revealed muscle power of 3/5 in the lower limbs in all the muscle groups, brisk tendon reflexes and bilateral positive Babinski reflexes.
It is recorded in medical files all over the world, but because the history of medicine is only minimally taught, Babinski remains virtually unknown.
DeWert, Babinski and Jones (2003) analysed the impact of an online collaborative consultation model for new US teachers that involved the input of eight members of the local university education faculty, four experienced teachers and twelve novice teachers in general education.
Nine (18%) had a positive Babinski sign, reduced rotular reflexes, and altered muscle tone (hypertonia or hypotonia).
In GIS as an Enterprise Municipal System, Greg Babinski provides an overview of GIS to help finance officers think about ways in which this technology might fit into their organizations.
An abnormal Babinski reflex occurs when upper motor neuron damage has developed.
It appears that Watts-Dunton, in his description of Winifred's cure, is drawing on experimental techniques of magnetic transmission developed by Charcot's student Joseph Babinski, which Babinski described in an influential report of 1886.
With regard to 'around the school' conditions that affect the learning environment, Furlong, Babinski, and Poland (1996) and Shen (2001) reported that educators in urban areas believed that they had less opportunity to respond individually to the learning environment, specifically as it pertains to behavior issues.