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extension upward of the toes when the sole of the foot is stroked firmly on the outer side from the heel to the front

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dagger]) Upper motor neuron signs included increased tone, increased reflexes, Babinski sign, or abnormally slow finger or foot taps, and patterns of weakness included hemiparesis or weakness preferentially involving the distal extensor muscles.
Glasgow: Atrofia optica bilateral, hipertonia acentuada braquial con espasticidad e hipotonia en miembros inferiores con reflejos osteotendinosos II/IV, Babinski presente, al progresar el estado de coma aparece hipotonia braquial con reflejos osteotendinosos iI/IV e hipertonia en los miembros inferiores con ROT IV/IV.
There was hyperreflexia and Babinski sign on both sides.
The mechanism described by Joseph Babinski is most likely to result from a loss of inhibition of the spinal flexor reflex.
A brother, Frederick Pilat, two sisters Helen and Wanda Pilat, as well as two older step siblings Emil Smith, and Olga Babinski all pre deceased her.
The two articles by Babinski and Wikle bookend the range of academic work that is of eminent practical value to our readers.
There was a positive Babinski sign on the right foot and an indifferent Babinski sign on the left.
The picture clearly illustrates the concept of a clinical school; several future eminent neurologists attended the presentation, including Joseph Babinski (he is in the painting supporting the patient).
Neurological examination revealed: Positive Hoffman sign, positive Babinski sign, absent of babocavernous reflex.
Extremidades inferiores con aumento de tono, con reflejos de estiramiento aumentados, con Babinski bilateral y clonus Aquileo.
Historically, clinicians have used tests and measures such as ankle clonus, Babinski sign, hyperreflexia, and the Hoffmann sign to screen for cervical myelopathy.
Navarro ademas, es autor del "Diccionario critico de dudas ingles-espanol de medicina" (4), imprescindible para el manejo de la literatura medica de los profesionales hispanoparlantes, donde el tema de Babinski es nuevamente citado.
Hysteria suffered a semantic suppression as Babinski replaced it withpithiatisme.
On neurological examination she had profound bilateral weakness of the lower limbs, hypertonia, hyperreflexia, a positive Babinski sign and a T6 sensory level.
Zakhar Gresko, Lilia Minard, Amalia Babinski, Ksenia Minard, Luka Gresko, Emma Babinski and Maksym Hnatiw |celebrate their Christmas at the Ukranian Catholic Church in Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry