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Synonyms for Babel

sounds or a sound, especially when loud, confused, or disagreeable

Synonyms for Babel

(Genesis 11:1-11) a tower built by Noah's descendants (probably in Babylon) who intended it to reach up to heaven

a confusion of voices and other sounds

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Responding to follower and Liverpool fan @Shannxo when she messaged him about a tweet he had posted questioning his former Reds manager Rafa Benitez, Babel suggested she should growsome breasts "instead of speakingabout football".
Babel went on to add that he had done thorough aACAyresearch' about Al Ain and on the Arabian Gulf League.
For this Babel offers its Premium test service with a customised test plan.
Two car bombs driven by suicide bombers earlier exploded in the day in Babel caused / 24 / dead and injured /.
Babel said: "Fortunately we scored the two early goals but we still had to keep the focus.
Ajax have given me a chance again to prove myself and I'm happy for that," said Babel.
Parts Two and Three exceed expectations by providing a sustained and layered analysis of Babel as both a Jew and as a Soviet man participating in the creation of a new revolutionary culture.
However, the proposed move has broken down, with Babel earlier indicating he would prefer to join Ajax.
But Babel will not put pen to paper while there is still a chance Continued on Page 38
LIVERPOOL forward Ryan Babel has been charged with improper conduct by the Football Association for posting a picture of referee Howard Webb on Twitter.
RYAN BABEL has been handed an unlikely lifeline in tomorrow's Merseyside derby.
LIVERPOOL boss Rafa Benitez is offering bad boy Ryan Babel to Arsenal chief Arsene Wenger in a shock deadline-beating deal.
Babel, la torre que pretendia llegar al cielo dando origen a las distintas lenguas, o a una unica lengua para reencuentro de la humanidad, Enrique Espinoza (Seudonimo de Samuel Glusberg) la hizo revista que circulo desde los anos 20 en plena crisis mundial y hasta el 1953 por Latinoamerica, precisamente en busca de la dignidad y la excelencia, porque la mayor esclavitud, entendia Babel, la de las masas, del pueblo, es ante todo espiritual, con lo cual asumia una construccion y un trayectonoexento de soberbia, la de las mejores intenciones.
London, Sep 3 (ANI): Dutch winger Ryan Babel has accused Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez of breaking promises which could wreck his World Cup dream.