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an alloy of tin with some copper and antimony

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line with a Babbitt metal

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Manley Babbitt Jr, a fine young man and young father himself.
President Babbitt had had no other choice but to knife the traitor upon receipt of that communique, at a Lincoln Center tribute to Pearl Bailey.
Manley Babbitt had ever tangled with, none was as fiendish as the Nadir.
Then came the Fakir, who had hacked into the database of Babbitt's philanthropic organization, which gifted armor-piercing bullets to kids with terminal cancer, and wreaked havoc with the charity's finances, making a fool of Babbitt in front of all the world.
And when the money that is generated by the manufacturing of our Dodsworths dries up, there will be no more call for George Babbitts either.
We see this style at work in Babbitt, a novel filled with motor cars and advertisements, slang vernacular and prohibition, and Rotary clubs and patriotic Boosterism.
Babbitt so perfectly expresses in one of his most shining moments as an orator.
However, we shall first turn our attention towards the treatment in Babbitt of baseball as a somatic language.
Although the profit margins to Babbitts would be lower if they sold to wholesalers, they likely would sell a greater volume as the distributors already had accounts with all the major retailers.
This case study explores the feasibility of a new business venture by a fourth-generation family business, Babbitt Ranches.
In the spring of 2005, William Cordasco was putting the final touches on his presentation for the upcoming annual shareholder meeting of Babbitt Ranches.
In a small group, when he is in his natural, analytic mode, Babbitt can be brilliant.
Despite his weakness as a public speaker, Babbitt captivated the Arizona electorate.
Babbitt went to Bolivia in 1961 on a research project with Gulf Oil.
His appraisals of these people provide insight into the mindset of this modern-dya Babbitt and his predictable downfall.