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the use of bacteria or viruses or toxins to destroy men and animals or food

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2]) can be achieved while running on LBPP treadmills by increasing treadmill velocity to offset the reduction in oxygen consumption associated with running with BWS (Gojanovic et al.
While these studies provide valuable insight into the metabolic demands of using the LBPP treadmill among recreational athletes, it is not well documented how these findings might apply to the effect of BWS among highly trained runners at the running speeds that they use, which are considerably faster than those of recreational runners.
Wireless Age will also undertake due diligence on BWS as part of its investigation towards making an investment into BWS to participate in its expansion growth.
The effort to continue and complete the undertaking to repair the damage to BWS balance sheet by prolonged asset quality slippage will weigh heavily on BWS' profitability over the balance of 2003 and 2004.
For service providers offering broadband wireless access, the BWS 3000 Series offers superior multipath robustness, improved non-line of sight (NLOS) performance and high spectral efficiency, which translates into more customers per cell-site, maximum usage of valuable licensed spectrum and higher effective data transmission rates.
We now have several months of experience in rolling out the Wi-LAN BWS products and we are seeing unprecedented capabilities," says Niklas Lindhe, Business Development - New Markets of Tele2 AB.
9 million) purchase order of Wi-LAN's W-OFDM based BWS 3500 system in the 2002 calendar year from Wi-Comm Communications (Wi-Comm).
We have been working with various operators in China for the past months, using Wi-LAN's BWS 3500 System, and expect to be able to announce the results of our efforts soon.
a global innovator of high-speed wireless data/Internet communications, today at the TMA 2001 Conference and Exhibition in Brighton, England launched the BWS 3500 system, a new addition to its broadband wireless access series for use in the 3.
an innovator of high-speed wireless data and Internet communications, today announced that its new BWS 3500 broadband wireless access system, based on W-OFDM technology, has been certified for use in the 3.
AMCI will also share in residual 'air-time' fees generated by BWS initiatives.