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a nuclear reactor that uses water as a coolant and moderator

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This hub provides focus and coordination to BWR research, ensuring that Wales and the UK develop real expertise in BWR technology for now, and for the future.
Tata Steel said as part of review by Brickwork Ratings, the agency on October 27, 2016 revised Tata Steel Ltd's credit rating to BWR AA from BWR AA+ for NCD and BWR AA- from BWR AA for the perpetual debt, with a negative outlook.
Hitachi believes that close liaison with GE is essential for expanding the BWR business both in Japan and globally.
According to AT&T its MPLS PNT is a fully managed network solution that will allow BWR to utilise VoIP technologies and applications for improved reliability, scalability and redundancy in the transmission of large data files across the company network.
The information, created by the BWR Operator Training Center, contains an outline of equipment at such power plants, it said.
The second is BWR Curling's British Racecourses, a charmingly personal and lively account of the history of Britain's major racecourses.
See, our Malaysian participant was so moved that she considered staying over to help Pimjai at her center after BWR course.
Several designs are in the pre-certification phase, including a simplified BWR from General Electric, an advanced BWR from Framatome ANP that has been bid for the proposed reactor in Finland; and AECL's ACR-700, an evolution of its CANDU line.
However, this is not the case in mineral grinding applications where the BWR is related to the metallurgy of the grinding media, the mineralogy of the ore and the operating conditions in the mill.
Specifically, in order for the GFE to meet sample plan requirements, each BWR and PWR exam must consist of 44 "component" test items, 28 "reactor theory" test items, and 28 "thermodynamics" test items; each of these three broad categories are further broken down into finer sub-areas for test item development.
Specially designed trucks, fitted with pre-grinding equipment, will pick up and grind scrap, and then deliver it to BWR Werkstoffsysteme und Fahrzeugbau GmbH, a DSM subsidiary in Rastatt.
The agreement, which is effective immediately and runs through completion of the spring outage season in 2015, represents a continuation of GEH's decades-long support of Exelon's fleet of 12 BWR units operating at seven nuclear power plant sites.
to sign up for BWR, simply visit the hotel website to register, and could earn double points on the next Best Western booking.