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trademark for men's underwear

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This new service is offered alongside BvD's existing functionality and data, which already screens individuals for PEPs and Sanctions associations and shows if, and how, individuals are linked.
Document Manager saves time and resources," according to Luis Carrillo, BvD's head of transfer pricing solutions.
Fergus Duncan, BvD's UK managing director, added, "Mint is already a market-leading tool for business development teams and the new technology tracker tool enhances this further.
BvD's client portfolio comprises financial institutions, as well as corporates, universities and government offices.
Tony Pringle, managing director UK and Ireland of Bureau van Dijk, says: "Valuation Catalyst pulls data from BvD's products then pushes it through robust models, automating much of an initial company valuation.
The collaboration will produce a solution that will leverage the value and flexibility of the financial data on BvD's products and its FACT software, with the power of Fitch Risk CreditVantage's CRS credit models to automate the financial analysis, credit approval and portfolio management process for corporate clients and financial institutions.
BvD's existing TP Catalyst, and well-known company databases (Orbis, Amadeus, Osiris), can assist with both benchmarking and companies' financial data if the user requires.
The solution is currently being released to BvD's existing client base.
The Catalyst range was created to help customers use BvD's data for specific tasks for faster results and improved efficiency.
It contains information on over 700,000 deals worldwide and includes links to complementary company financials and peer reports from BvD's corporate product range for company valuation and benchmarking.
ZEPHYR contains merger and acquisition data including IPO and venture capital deals with links to the detailed company reports on BvD's company information products.
Compliance Catalyst utilises the 'compliance critical' information on BvD's global company database, Orbis, notably its extensive company hierarchies that help users identify group risk and beneficial ownership.
BvD's products include Zephyr(deals globally), plus company databases covering the UK (Fame), Europe (Amadeus) and worldwide (Orbis).
Enhancements include the addition of CICI numbers as part of BvD's commitment to the LEI project, new financial strength models, access to a larger range of original documents plus developments for BvD's customers in various vertical research roles.
Figures published in BvD's quarterly M&A Synopsis, which uses figures from the M&A research tool, ZEPHYR, suggest that this increase in investment value is the direct inverse of levels in M&A activity, where deal volume is high but deal value low.