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The web congress will provide a general overview on the disease as well as information on a variety of special topics: BVD in dairy animals, the real role of PI (persistently infected) animals, practical tips on BVD management in the suckling cows segment, and the role of cellular and humoral immunity after BVD vaccination.
Stuart Roberts, chairman of EBLEX added: "Beef farmers are particularly vulnerable to the effects of BVD which can potentially wipe out one year of the productive life of beef suckler cows either because they do not get in calf or they produce a persistently infected calf which then dies before reaching a marketable weight.
Studies show a dairy herd endemically infected with BVD can be losing PS90 a cow a year and beef herds PS30/ cow.
The best way to establish your BVD status is to work with your vet, tailoring the control programme around your herd situation.
Identifying and removing PIs is therefore essential, which is why Mr Morgan commissioned two BVD PCR tests on routine bulk tank samples.
In addition to heading up the programme, Jenny is also on the independent vets group XLVETS' national BVD steering group, which is looking at the future and national control of the virus.
Ultimately HCC hopes to encourage a BVD control and eradication programme in beef herds across Wales.
Vet Pam Brown Vet, of Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group's Wooler branch, said: "The incidence of BVD is not fully known in the UK but in recent years, the majority of farmers have become aware of the disease and most are now testing.
Workshops and meetings have been initiated through Farming Connect and other organisations to make farmers, vets and farm advisers aware of BVD and how to eradicate the disease.
Ian Pritchard of SAC Consulting said: "Cost effective control measures for BVD will improve herd output, aid the sale of store stock and increase the value of breeding stock.
Our practical strategy is unique yet simple -- bring to market technologies that better evaluate the health condition of the animal for diseases such as BRD and BVD, resulting in more effective management techniques and more prudent use of therapeutic practices to improve performance and returns.
As well as causing scour, BVD also causes infertility and depression of the immune system.
BVD causes abortion, infertility, a failure to thrive and often death in cattle and is one of the most economically significant viral diseases affecting cattle in Wales.
BVD, as well as causing scour, also causes infertility and depression of the immune system.