logic gate

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a computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs

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For further information on BUF and other Amex-listed companies, please visit http://www.
BUF, established in 1970, was founded on the premise that beneficial change is best accomplished through community development.
By serving Michigan's communities, BUF provides an alternative support system to many services that find it difficult to get funding from traditional mainstream sources.
a non-profit funding agency for community organizations, has invited Green to share his experiences at the BUF 28th Annual Benefit Dinner, Friday, Oct.
ABE-MCO 7:15A-10:15A X3 MCO-ABE 6:25P-9:00P X2 Birmingham, AL - BHM (Tue Service Begins 6/16) BHM-MCO 8:25A-10:55A X27 MCO-BHM 7:15A-7:45A X27 7:45P-10:15P 7 Only 6:45P-7:15P 7 Only Buffalo, NY - BUF (Sat Service Begins 6/16) BUF-MCO 3:10P-5:55P X6 MCO-BUF 11:30A-2:10P X6 Cincinnati, OH - CVG (Mon Service Begins 6/16) CVG-MCO 1:30P-3:35P X1 MCO-CVG 10:35A-12:45P X1 Dayton, OH - DAY (Tue Service Begins 6/16) DAY-MCO 3:15P-5:15P X27 MCO-DAY 12:25P-2:30P X27 12:45P-2:25P 7 Only 10:05A-12:10P 7 Only Dallas/Fort Worth, TX - DFW (Mon/Wed Service Begins 6/16) DFW-MCO 6:50P-10:30P X136 MCO-DFW 4:20P-6:10P X136 Greenville-Spartanburg, SC - GSP (Thu Service Begins 6/16) GSP-MCO 5:55P-7:15P X4 MCO-GSP 3:55P-5:20P X4
The framework agreement covers the supply of - Clearing Solution for incontinence area EaHF- Absorbent incontinence products range in EaHF- Consultancy and training and skills development- Absorbent incontinence products for children and young people in the BUF.
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