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Synonyms for oasis

Synonyms for oasis

a fertile tract in a desert (where the water table approaches the surface)

a shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary


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BTP provides satellite communications (SATCOM), radar modernisation, operations and maintenance, and sustainment services that enable customers to extend the lives of existing systems and achieve phased upgrades with new technology to enhance operational capability.
Mannion added "Recruits seeking to join the BTP are of a high standard and have chosen to work for BTP in preference to, say, Police Scotland.
1) The general analysis model of BTP generation method is given based on the bandwidth on demand (BoD) model.
The Treasury placed the entire amount of BTPs due in July 2015 out of the initially planned range of EUR 2.
In conclusion, this external validation provides evidence that the performance of the BTP formula suggested by White and coworkers (2) is comparable to that of the reexpressed MDRD equation.
In a letter sent to Gutierrez, Sanchez said BTP never did any business with Cuba but conceded that an affiliate may have done so.
The BTP experience allowed her to broaden her range.
Following the national deployment of the government's Penalty Notices for Disorder scheme, for which Northgate is the approved supplier, BTP will reportedly become the latest force to implement the Northgate Enforcement Solution (NES).
We are pleased to have this opportunity to present the forum with Eureka Networks and showcase different points of view about this issue to the business community at large," said Joshua Aaron president of BTP.
The goal of BTP is to focus on the two questions that most often limit citizen participation: "Why should I care?
Siemens will acquire the research and development activities of the Bosch subsidiaries BTP and BTS and will assume all Bosch's contractual obligations in the mobile telephony field - leaving actual production to be taken over by a contractor working on behalf of Siemens.
the adhesives and textile coatings division of BTP Plc.
This solution will help us greatly in ensuring compliance, avoiding and quickly resolving spectrum and proximity issues, and decreasing required site visits and the associated risks to personnel," said Peggy Ann Brandon, CEO BTP St.
For serving BTP officers and staff, insecurity around terms and conditions drags on.