biosafety level

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the level of safety from exposure to infectious agents

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Liz Udall and Megan Berry have both completed level two of a sign course at the Need BSL centre, in Burbage, near Hinckley.
Qualification is either through completion of a university course leading to a degree or postgraduate qualification, or gaining an NVQ Diploma Signature Level 6 in Interpreting (BSL/English) and an approved qualification in BSL - you usually need to be working with deaf people on a paid or voluntary basis for this option.
BSL added to its recycling capability by processing aluminium cans through the existing on-site plant, which will process an average of 520 tonnes of material including cans and scrap aluminium a month, Mr Butcher said.
Dudley College, which is taking part in the scheme, says it allows people under the age of 16 on the the BSL short course as long as they have permission from their headteacher.
AMBITION: David Duller who hopes to develop a Centre of Excellencein Deaf Stud-; ies to train BSL interpreters
British Polythene Industries (BPI) is the largest producer of polythene film and converted polythene products in Europe and a longstanding customer of BSL Brammer.
Phase 1 of the 250,000 sq ft scheme being developed jointly by Swan Hill Developments and CDC (Midlands) has been pre-let to BSL, the main subsidiary of Branner, on a 15-year occupational lease.
In Liverpool, one in seven people rely on BSL as a first language.
Time is crucial in the frenetic world of the media, and this is one reason why Newcastle Chronicle & Journal Ltd chooses to work with BSL Brammer.
The Company and BSL intend to enter into a formal Securities Purchase Agreement for the acquisition following accordance with normal industry standards, requisite regulatory requirements and approvals in the U.
Stavropoulos also announced that from June 1 onwards, the BSL sites will be known as Dow Central Germany*, reflecting Dow's 100 percent ownership of the operation from that date onward.
Sunday Nov 24: Rummage BSL,Customs & Excise Museum (noon-4pm) Ships in Bottles BSL, Maritime Museum (10am-4.
The stores are to be sold to BSL Holdings Limited, a Bahamian investor group represented by Fidelity Merchant Bank & Trust Limited, for approximately $54 million.
Net Loss Attributed Primarily to Delays in Contract Start-Up and Temporary Suspension of Activities in the BSL 3 Suite