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a fatal disease of cattle that affects the central nervous system

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Davish Jain, Chairman, SOPA said We firmly believe SOPA with its domain expertise and BSE as a trusted institution known for its transparency and huge experience of over 142 years can definitely add value to the development of the entire commodity markets ecosystem.
George Soros's Quantum (M) will also exit BSE with a loss of about $12 million for its 4 per cent stake in the BSE.
The S&P BSE 500 Shariah index meets the need for an investable benchmark in India to gauge the performance of some of the most widely followed Shari'ah compliant stocks trading at the BSE.
BSE is not going to distribute any dividends for 2009 over the negative financial results.
We welcome the joining of Citigroup to the companies and institutions co-operating with the BSE, and we hope that the signing of this agreement will encourage and attract more foreign investment to Bahrain and, therefore, enhance the shareholders' base at BSE,' he said.
BSE will continue co-ordinating and co-operating with leading financial institutions in order to make these services available to investors in BSE," he added.
In January this year, BSE merged with the Open Learning Group (OLG) of South Africa.
Samples from over a dozen abattoirs in the region were previously transported each evening to LGC's BSE testing laboratory in Runcorn.
A spokesman for the NFU said: "We need to recognise that this is another step in the right direction to putting BSE behind us and recognition of the huge efforts both industry and Government have done to overcome the disease.
The ruling held that USDA has authority to regulate the use of diagnostic tests in general, but that it lacks authority to prohibit the private use of BSE test kits, which are not used in the treatment of BSE, but are used on cattle that are already dead to see if they had significant levels of BSE infection.
He is among the USMARC scientists examining PRNP variation to learn if and how different forms, or alleles, of the prion gene correlate with BSE susceptibility.
THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) Council of Ministers has approved reforms to the EU's BSE control system that it anticipates will sail through the European Parliament onto the European statute book.
Our enhanced BSE surveillance program has been an enormous undertaking, but well worth the effort," said Johanns.
In 1998, a Harvard Center for Risk Analysis study (commissioned by the USDA) concluded that, if BSE were introduced into the United States, due to the preventive measures already in place, it would be extremely unlikely to become established here.
FEARS are rising that the first cases of sheep BSE have been discovered.