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a bachelor's degree in naval science

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With support from the DoD, NASA, NSF and NIH through the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program, as well as sub-contracts from prime defense contractors, BNS is a recognized leader in this area.
We are not going to sit idle and will take all possible measures, in discussion with the BNS, the Bahrain Society for Technologists and Radiographers (BSTR) as well as the ministry's trade union.
But BNS interim managing director Chris Jagusz said that the company was keen to tap into the IT telephony expertise offered by the team and that Daisy will now be getting the Northumberland centre to work with its bases in Lancashire, London and the Midlands.
Flipping through catalogue pages is the easiest way to browse, much easier than using the remote control to navigate an online menu," said Jeffrey Soong, CEO of BNS.
The planned site for the latter has already been lost due to property development) The station would have been accessible from BNS by pedestrian and rail links.
BNS intends to maintain this self-direct channel as a distinct unit.
It is not necessary for BNS stockholders to deliver their shares to BNS or BNS's transfer agent in order to receive this distribution.
They said the action was taken to stop them from celebrating the release from custody of Alba occupational nurse Ibrahim Al Demestani, who is also BNS secretary-general.
Northumberland's BNS Telecom Group has posted a 13.
Summary: BNS, Asia's leading IPTV technology and content solutions has launched the most advanced in-room entertainment, room control and A/V solution currently available in the market.
A MAJOR recruitment drive is under way at telecoms company BNS Telecom.
Birmingham-based telecom business 3g Comms has been sold to rival BNS Telecom Group for pounds 4.
BNS has appointed a special committee of its independent director to consider the transaction on behalf of its unaffiliated stockholders.
The first such strategic alliance initiative between RMN and BNS, government officers would be given the opportunity to be on loan to a company that had links with the government through the open door policy concept.
Pursuant to the definitive Share Acquisition Agreement, Steel Excel will acquire from BNS all of the capital stock of SWH, Inc.