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an image represented as a two dimensional array of brightness values for pixels

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The feature is impressive; the author tested this feature by selecting a group of TIFF and BMP files, set them to a lower resolution and a different color depth and converted them to JPG files all in one step.
I recently purchased Perly's CD-ROM map of the Greater Toronto Area, If I save a single map page in colour, those 256 colours produce a BMP file that is more than 6 MB in size.
The CopyPoint 2000 whiteboard can even be enhanced to capture the writing panel image to a PC so that users can save it as a TIFF, JPEG or BMP file.
PenOffice SE also allows ideas to be jotted down on an electronic scratch pad that can be attached to email, and for comments and notes to be added to any document on the screen for saving as a BMP file.
In addition, they include a fancy scan show feature for easy preview of all available channel programs, are Intel(r) InterCast ready, and also offer arbitrary scaling video window and snap picture to BMP file functions.
Now users of reaConverter can easily transform documents in these formats to single-page JPG, PNG or BMP files or to multi-page postscript documents - TIFF and PDF.
Not only does SexFaceFinder let you upload PNG and BMP files as well as JPEGs, but it promises to "never save the pictures you upload," and doesn't pull a bait-and-switch to harvest your email address.
In addition to BMP files, JPEG and GIF are now supported as well.
DocuLex, creator of document imaging software, has released DocuLex Office OCR, an optical character recognition software product enabling the conversion of paper documents and TIFF, JPEG, PCX, DCX and BMP files to a text-based format, for amending as needed with business communications software (Microsoft Office).
Note that you have various choices for different graphic formats, such as gif, jpeg, and png, which are all smaller and more manageable than bmp files.