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the bureau in the Department of Justice that assists local criminal justice systems to reduce or prevent crime and violence and drug abuse

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In closing, O'Donnell urged attendees to see BJA as a partner to assist the corrections field in any challenge they may face.
13) The commander's staff, including the BJA, should make every effort to provide the commander with the most accurate personnel data possible.
Last year, BJA entered the wind turbine field, producing magnets for the turbine generators.
Holmfirth-based BJA Refrigeration Consulting Engineers has plans to double its turnover following investment to upgrade its Bridge Mill operations.
BJA administers the drug court grant program, which provides financial and technical assistance, training, and programmatic guidance to state and local entities.
For those who prefer silverware, BJA members can also offer plenty of choice.
The central location as a gateway to Europe and the efficient infrastructure are, of course, well-known aspects," the BJA said.
In the last few years, Belgian companies have been trying to build up this image of Belgium as a 'gourmet' country," said Fabienne Fujii-L'Hoost, executive director of the BJA.
Trial Court Performance Standards and Measurement System reports the final step of a 10-year effort by BJA and the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) to help courts measure their own performance.
GeoQuest, an operating unit of Schlumberger Oilfield Services, and London-based petroleum engineering firm, Baker Jardine and Associates (BJA), today announced the acquisition of BJA by GeoQuest.
BJA pointed out that what is being broadcast by Al-Jazeera asserts day after day the continued misinformation policy followed for more than two decades and the channel's dubious attempts to split the peoples of the region by inciting division and funding terrorism.
Austerity measures" by newspapers have resulted in BJA members not renewing their two-year membership which costs BD20 and entitles them to vote, according to general secretary Mohammed Ismail.
Todorova filed a libel lawsuit against Tsvetanov, insisting that he had voiced untrue and defamatory allegations about her work as a judge and as Chair of the Bulgarian Judges Association, BJA.
Although the code, launched at the BJA premises in Juffair last night, is not binding by law, the association plans to lobby parliament and push for it to become part of the kingdom's media laws.
No Bahraini journalist was killed and the report is untrue and is not related to reality in any way," the BJA said in a statement issued on Monday evening.