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the bureau in the Department of Justice that assists local criminal justice systems to reduce or prevent crime and violence and drug abuse

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In closing, O'Donnell urged attendees to see BJA as a partner to assist the corrections field in any challenge they may face.
13) The commander's staff, including the BJA, should make every effort to provide the commander with the most accurate personnel data possible.
The so-called RALITSA operation gives a clear signal to Bulgarian judges that they will be subjected to a personalized aggressive and manipulative attack if they make a decision which the Interior Ministry does not like," the BJA commented in February 2012.
Several local journalists attended the launch and signed the code at the BJA premises.
Helle, president, and husband of Janice Helle, said BJA Magnetics is now developing a larger magnet that would work with a 2-megawatt wind turbine now being designed, he said.
Instead, BJA called in Business Link for a second opinion before splashing out thousands of pounds.
Twenty-two standards and proposed measures were developed by BJA and NCSC.
Formed in 1986, BJA has made a significant investment in understanding the workflow process for production systems from the reservoir, completion, well and surface infrastructure to the delivery point.
The agreement stipulates that the BJA committee will be in charge of nominating media delegations accompanying local clubs representing Bahrain in international competitions.
The Information Ministry will tomorrow host a reception in honour of media personnel in co-operation with the BJA and the UN Media Centre at Bahrain Financial Harbour, Floor 51, from 5pm to 8pm.
Without a hearing, Todorova, Chair of the Bulgarian Judges Association, BJA, and Judge at the Sofia City Court, SGS, was dismissed on July 12 by the Supreme Judicial Council, VSS, on disciplinary grounds over the unreasonable delay of proceedings.
The BJA is urging its members and journalists to contribute their opinions before a final draft is drawn up.
Tomorrow's elections are bucking the past trend where voting elicited little interest and the post was invariably awarded to the candidate who was running unchallenged, while the real focus was on the vacant seats on the BJA eight-member board.
Holmfirth-based BJA Refrigeration Consulting Engineers called in specialist help after a string of new contracts put its management systems under strain.
However, because the lead correction agency within a local government entity is the agency that must provide the data upon which reimbursements are made, BJA made the decision to send that agency the application kits and did so on July 18, 1996.