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(computer science) a unit for measuring the execution speed of a computer's CPU (but not the whole system)

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We used GI transit times obtained with barium sulfate suspension as a standard to compare BIPS transit times in the GI tract of domestic pigeons.
5-mm BIPS in this study because BIPS particles of this size are designed to mimic GI transit of ingesta, and we were concerned that the 5-mm BIPS, which are designed to detect obstructions, (6) would be too large for the pigeons to readily pass through the ventriculus and might cause an impaction.
5-mm BIPS could be visualized radiographically in the pigeons, even when ingesta was present in the GI tract and that only the V/D view radiographs are necessary to visualize the BIPS.
Because prolonged passage of BIPS particles through the ventriculus would preclude evaluation of the GI tract distal to the ventriculus, a preliminary trial was undertaken to investigate alternative methods of BIPS administration.
5-mm BIPS in the moistened, open-ended gelatin capsules were then used for comparison with liquid barium suspension.
One study design flaw was that administering the intact BIPS gel capsule was not attempted in the initial trial.
The BIPS were not reliable for evaluating passage of food-like materials through the GI tract of this granivorous species.
The mammal species for which BIPS particles were designed and studied have simple stomachs (carnivorous and omnivorous species) or do not retain ingesta in the stomach for prolonged periods of time for processing.
Although BIPS can be a useful tool in characterizing GI function radiographically in some mammal species, BIPS were not useful in this study with domestic pigeons.
Organizations participating in the BIPS project, which is an effort of the FSTC, include Citibank, Compaq-Tandem Division, Glenview State Bank, Mellon Bank Corporation, Fujitsu Research Institute, GlobeSet Inc.
For more information about BIPS, visit the BIPS web site at http://www.