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If your system grabs a chunk of memory for graphics use, you should be able to reduce the amount used by entering the BIOS setup (usually by pressing the Del or Esc key during start-up), albeit at the expense of graphical quality.
1C adds: An OS Indications Variable - OS/FW feature & capability communication - when implemented, allows end-users to make an OS menu request to enter BIOS setup after next reboot.
VGA Output; Matrox G200eW (default) or Intel Integrated Graphics (DX11) via BIOS setup
CPU Tests -- Memory Tests -- POST Tests -- BIOS Flash Tools Tests -- BIOS Boot (CD-ROM, HDD, Floppy, USB, Over LAN) Tests -- Power Management Tests -- WHQL Tests -- UEFI Tests -- BIOS Setup Utility Tests -- IPMI Tests -- MultibootXP Tests -- OS Installation tests -- OS functional states (standby, shutdown, restart, log-off) tests -- Console Redirection Tests -- xMENU Tests -- Device (IDE, SIO, USB, SYMBIOS) Tests -- BIOS Utilities Tests -- BIOS Performance Tests (system responsiveness, power management transitions, start-up time SMI handling time, etc)
Setup by Touch[TM] - Based on UEFI HII, this intuitive BIOS setup program uses a Windows 8 "Metro style" user-interface.
May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Configuring a PC for maximum performance is a tricky process, especially if you are unsure of the function of the many different BIOS setup options.