brigadier general

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Synonyms for brigadier general

a general officer ranking below a major general


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BGen Bernier: The experience in the Balkans was such that in the early '90s, when people first started coming back it became evident that some of them had significant mental health conditions.
BGen Bernier: Yes, we were well aware, based on the best data that's available today of what the current and the forecasted problems may be coming in the future.
BGen Bernier: For several years now, we have had a Canadian Forces/Veterans Affairs steering committee at a very high level.
BGen Bernier: The medical service is essentially the pointy end element of the armed forces in that we deploy with the infantry, on patrol, up front .
BGen Bernier: The Road to Mental Readiness is a program of education, not just for the members of the armed forces, but for families as well.
BGen Bernier: From my time in the infantry, during the '80s, things have changed quite dramatically.
BGen Bernier: It's the modern descendent of the Knights Hospitaller of the Crusades, but now they only focus on the original hospitaller role.
BGen Bernier: I didn't have plans to study medicine, but I had been brought up in a very religious Catholic family focused on public service and relieving suffering, so service in the Armed Forces was very much the same as service in the medical profession in that, in both cases, the ultimate purpose is self-sacrifice for the protection and the health of the lives of others.
BGen Bernier: In Canada, this is one appointment that's automatically made.
BGen Bernier: I have been a writer in the past, but just a lover of history for now, and it's very important for me to help make sure that our country retains its memory of its past .
In 2007, BGen Bernier flew to Afghanistan to meet with Canadian soldiers serving as part of Operation ATHENA.
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