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Despite that, the pH of water has remained inside the proper range for fish growth in the BFT and Biophyton tanks (pH = 6-9).
The descriptive statistical analysis and ascertainment of normality of BFT traits were conducted using MINITAB Release 14 (MINITAB Inc.
The installation of underwater structures for periphyton in BFT tanks has not significantly affected any of the growth performance variables, including FCR and PER (e.
My peer and I recommended changing the classification of the BFT transceivers based on guidance provided by our senior warrant officer.
Pepper or a Mountain Dew, and/or ruined friendships when you refuse to share your BFT.
The BFT agreement is designed to give the primary beneficiary maximum control, protection, and access to the trust assets in a tax-favorable environment.
UAS teams can increase their situational awareness using BFT to identify exactly where the vehicle patrols are located on the ground.
The published distribution for the BFT is displayed in two GIS-generated maps.
At the time of the withdrawal, BFT had a EUR2bn (USD2.
Upon leaving our vehicles, we forfeited BFT, power amps for radios and long distance communications, and the remote viewing terminal to observe unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) feeds.
In Iraq, the Army fielded a satellite version of the BFT system.
While it is important for plant breeders to know the concentrations of condensed tannin in BFT and RBFT spaced plants, it is equally important for other researchers to know concentrations as they occur in normally managed pastures.
The BFT process is being used by BFT Plastics, Ltd.
The computer systems support the Army's BFT requirements and are being installed on more than 40 types of U.
Il a precise que l'affaire de la BFT n'est pas due a une question d'arbitrage international, mais a la banqueroute qui a sanctionne la gestion de la banque, et a ceux qui en sont les auteurs.