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Synonyms for beep

a short high tone produced as a signal or warning


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make a loud noise

call, summon, or alert with a beeper

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Beep tests are carried out as part of sports club training routines or in classes at fitness centres and gyms.
I need a beep on my cell phone to remind me of that.
The Colorado Rockies Baseball Club has long supported beep baseball through financial contributions.
The Beep Baseball World Series begins on Wednesday July 30, 2003, at the Aurora Sports Complex.
When these errors occur, the beep is interrupted, alerting the mother to the error.
The beep every four seconds captures the child's attention and has a calming effect, which reduces the anxiety some children experience with temperature-taking.
The Beep Science's DRM Server is interoperable with all OMA DRM capable handsets, mp3 players, PC music players and other personal media players.
The linking of WiderThan with Beep Science will deliver exactly that.
Strong content protection technology enables high-quality content rights to be secured and ensures that digital content can be shared freely and securely across mobile phones, PCs and other consumer electronics," says Markku Mehtala, vice president of business development at Beep Science.
The ARM TrustZone Software greatly increases the robustness of DRM solutions and, together with Beep Science, we can enable the delivery of highly secure and advanced digital products based on TrustZone technology-enabled processors.
Our focus on strong security, our experience with resource-constrained devices, and now our partnership with Beep Science, the DRM expert, combine to make a powerful offering," said Jim Alfred, director of product management at Certicom.
By working with Certicom, our DRM technology becomes part of comprehensive security architecture," said Markku Mehtala, VP business development at Beep Science.
PacketVideo Network Solutions and Beep Science are natural partners," says Patrick Parodi, General Manager Europe and Latin America of PacketVideo Network Solutions.
The integration of the Beep Science Rich Media DRM Solution with the PacketVideo Network Solutions' pvServer(TM) enables distributors to provide mobile content services with "state of the art" security for protection of their high quality content as well as enable the content owner to specify how the user can distribute, play and interact with the content.
Designed by engineer (and soon-to-be ex-smoker) Robert Cezar, Heart Beep combines advanced paging technology with recommended withdrawal techniques to provide smokers with a safe, positive, and inexpensive program to quit smoking.