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before the Christian era

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The BCS had identified 84 buildings in Sector E-11 which have no valid approval from any competent authority.
In addition to receiving highly motivated individuals who will be committed to excelling on the job, companies that employ the disabled also can advance their commitment to social philanthropy and equality," said Damion Samuels, Division Director, BCS Workforce Development.
At P142, ewes were placed in their nutritional treatments (which included ewes of the three BCS groups), where they remained in the same paddock until 15 days after the mid-point of lambing (L15).
Director BCS further informed the meeting that BCS-III Section issued 16 completion certificates during the month of March and received Rs 653,342.
According to Video Guidance, the deal creates global enterprise that links BCS Global's capabilities in Europe and Asia with Video Guidance's in North America.
Given Bellotti's vitriol toward the system - more on this in a minute - it might seem strange to hear him now, reflecting on the demise of the BCS and the transition to the new College Football Playoff.
The relationships between BCS, BW and internal fat weights of Manchega sheep were studied and significant correlation was calculated between live weight and omental, mesenteric, pelvic and total internal fat (0.
Univar and BCS bring together a number of complementary strengths, with a number of opportunities to share best-practices, drive strategic initiatives and improve operating performance," said Mr.
As the four BCS bowl games came increasingly to be associated with a national championship, interest in the other bowls waned.
Using the results of this study as a baseline, it is important that additional research is conducted off BCS to determine any changes in catch rates, species, and size composition that may have occurred since 1998-1999.
BCS said that Activ Training, based in Bedford and an international publisher of automated testing software and e-learning material, has worked with BCS for a number of years.
And is also currently undefeated, ranked sixth in the country in the latest BCS poll and is on the verge of elbowing its way into a major bowl game.
Website designer Box UK and the British Computer Society (BCS), the professional body for IT, announced on Tuesday (6 June) the launch of the redeveloped BCS website, http://www.