basal body temperature

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body temperature in the morning before rising or moving about or eating anything

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Jatin Ahuja, BBT founder and managing director, Big Boy Toyz said: "BBT, through its core business of dealing in iconic, high-value cars, has always been associated with a fine taste, rich choice and unparalleled aristocracy.
325000 per depositary share or 1/1,000th interest per share) on BB&T's Series F Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock (NYSE: BBT PrF);
Sheffield Steelers will play the final Elite League match at the BBT before it is dismantled when they visit in a fortnight.
In summary, each PD patient performed 40 sessions of BBT (20 in the morning and 20 in afternoon).
The authors discussed the unusually low BBT in nearly all of those with myxedema.
Chris Hutchings, director of BBT Group, said: "At a time when the major lenders are being criticised for failing to fulfil the financial needs of British business we continue to be greatly encouraged by The Co-operative Bank's understanding of our business.
validated the BBT as a measure of dexterity in 34 elderly patients with UL sensorimotor impairments from stroke and other conditions, including rheumatoid polyarthritis, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, fracture, Friedreich ataxia, and carpal tunnel syndrome [23].
In a joint announcement, Bill Bauer, CEO/CTO of BBT and Mike Brubaker, President and CEO of R.
However, a BBT "rate list" states that parents will be given an option to pay in equal monthly instalments.
BBT, represented by Richard Weetch, senior BBT director and prominent local businessman Shawqi Sultan, reinforced its commitment to the government's
Achtnich (1991) developed the BBT (Berufsbilder Test) in the 1970s in Switzerland, seeking, by means of photographs of professional activities, a technique to clarify professional inclinations, associated with the projective possibilities of personal needs and motivations.
According to the company BBT, which comprise its Butane Biosparging and Butane Bioventing offerings, stimulate naturally occurring bacteria to produce enzymes that degrade MTBE to water and carbon dioxide.
BBT recruits people across the North East in the health and social care and construction and engineering industries.
And BBT appeared to promote self-management; families opting for BBT have phoned the clinic staff only about a third as often as those on NPH insulin in the first 2 weeks after diagnosis.
And BBT appeared to promote diabetes self-management, as evidenced by the finding that families opting for BBT have phoned the clinic staff only about a third as often as those on NPH insulin in the first 2 weeks after diagnosis.