Received Pronunciation

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the approved pronunciation of British English

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Even though I can produce a cracking Swansea Valley accent, I have the ability to do Scouse, standard BBC English, Cockney and even North Wales.
So I'm trying too too hard to speak without mistake, sounding totally like polite, proper BBC English, not yankee crude, "ya" this, "gonna" that, always opening bigmouth and talking through nose.
Moreover, Mugglestone will bring her study into the twentieth century by discussing the legacy of "talking proper"--the contemporary notions of "received pronunciation," 'talking without an accent,' and even BBC English (6).
The HD Hercules has been commissioned by BBC English Regions to support their Points West News Operation based in Bristol, UK.
Just six months earlier in March 2010, journalists on the BBC teatime news programme had complained to BBC English regions controller David Holdsworth that staff had been 'systematically bullied.
The NUJ circulated the resolution to its members, head of regional programmes in the West Midlands Cath Hearne, BBC English Regions controller David Holdsworth and Helen Boaden, director of BBC News Group.
The BBC English Regions controller, David Holdsworth, emailed staff yesterday to say that they had to be "realistic" about cuts and warned that "challenging" times lay ahead.
Rhetorical Systems has rVoice, a TTS system that was launched with six different dialects from Seattle-born American to tailored BBC English.
com will also be launching a BBC English Premiership SMS service for subscribers who want to receive updates and scores on the English Premier League.
Claire McArthur, editorial manager for BBC English Regions New Media, said: "The reporters will be providing content for their local website and for production.
It's like a Chinese man using Rabbie Burns Scots when you have learned BBC English.
A spokeswoman said: "Following an internal inquiry, the Controller of BBC English Regions met Tony Butler and handed him a formal letter of warning.
They are told to use phrases such as ``Och aye the noo'' and ``Hoots, mon'', which annoy ``if you speak with a standard BBC English accent''.
But neither academic believes that regional accents are threatened just because BBC English is more likely to get us a good job.
Egyptians watched the event on satellite channels BBC English, MBC, Saudi-based TV Al-Arabiya and local English-language channel Nile TV, while commenting on it via the social-networking sites.