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The program's hardware base is a BASIC Stamp 2 module on the Board of Education PCB, which provides built-in prototyping, power and programming connections.
This binary value was obtained by digitizing the amplifier's output voltage using an 8-bit A/D converter driven by the Basic Stamp processor.
Compatible with Parallax Basic STAMP programming boards, Basic Micro ATOM pro development boards and Zilog's series of Mini-Z modules
If it is used along with a BASIC Stamp, Board of Education, and Serial LCD we obtain a digital compass that works as shown in Fig.
After constructing the BoeBot, we loaded the Basic Stamp Editor and typed in programs that tested the servo motors and a buzzer.
The Java architect uses BASIC Stamp to communicate with sensors, describes different approaches to speech synthesis and voice recognition through a PC, and explains how to program a robot to navigate both indoors and outdoors.
And he confirmed that An Post is seeking to increase the price of a basic stamp by three cent to 45 cent.
Chapman, 1994) presents some very efficient and interesting solutions and C++ routines for implementing fuzzy logic to 8051 8-bit microcontrollers, which have served as a model to do something similar in PBASIC for the 8-bit microcontroller of the BASIC Stamp 2SX board.
Thompson sent me a V2 chip that I connected to a Parallax BASIC Stamp BS2p24 module on a Board of Education breadboard--one of my favorite systems for experiments (Figure 1).
The TCS230EVM consists of a lens module with white LED illuminator, a parallax board of education module, programmed BASIC stamp and PC host software.