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The control module is build around a BASIC Stamp 2SX (8-bit) microcontroller board and includes:
Building on this experience, Chip designed the original BASIC Stamp microcontroller module, released in early 1993.
The oak tree will be used on the basic stamp for mail to Europe and the Tudor rose will be featured on the 65p stamp.
Kamei and Sakaguchi, on the other hand, called at Obuchi's official residence to give their basic stamp of approval.
The Design Board is compatible with other vendors' modules, such as the Basic Micro's ATOM Pro 28-M module and Parallax BS2 Series of Basic STAMP programming boards.
Both Dunkin' Donuts' new Whole Wheat Bagel and new Multigrain Flatbread have earned the Basic Stamp from the Whole Grains Council, a certification for products containing at least half a serving (8 grams) of whole grain.
The softwares which were used in this project are: Basic Stamp 2 (software that came with the robots), Microsoft Robotics Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 which are available for download on the Microsoft web page.
The Java architect uses BASIC Stamp to communicate with sensors, describes different approaches to speech synthesis and voice recognition through a PC, and explains how to program a robot to navigate both indoors and outdoors.